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My beautiful visit to Graz, Austria

Although it is a major regional and industrial hub, Graz is not as well known as smaller cities such as Salzburg and Innsbruck. However, Graz city is an absolutely gorgeous destination! Thanks to its impeccably preserved late-medieval and Renaissance architecture, the city was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. In 2003, Graz was also named a European Capital of Culture. After all, Styria’s capital city is renowned not only for its beautiful architecture but also for music and leading-edge art festivals. Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that at no extra cost to …

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raabklamm hike raab river gorge austria

Amazing hike in the Raabklamm (Raab River Gorge)

Another wonderful summer day followed, where I decided to start walking through the wildest section of the Raabklamm. This is Austria’s longest gorge and a protected European nature conservation area. My friends, Sophie and Herbert, set the tempo on our Nordic walking poles. We took a break to enjoy some Austrian food at a nearby restaurant before going on a trip to Graz, Styria’s capital and the second-largest city in Austria. Trying Nordic walking sticks to hike Raabklamm Inspired by my visit to Katerloch cave, I met my friends Sophie and Herbert early on Tuesday morning to go hiking through …

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visit to katerloch cave in styria austria

Visit to Katerloch cave: A fascinating day trip

Monday afternoon, I reconnected with Sophie, an old high school friend, and her family. Together, we embarked on a special trip: a visit to Katerloch, a well-known limestone cave with the largest range of stalactites and stalagmites in Austria. And, after a 15-minute drive from Weiz through serene hills, we arrived at the entrance of the cave. Fritz, our Austria travel guide, came to show cave and led us on a two-hour visit and, with his lively and engaging way of speaking, covered all the features of the Katerloch stalactite cave. He spoke to us about the numerous rock formations, as …

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country drive in austria styria

Country drive in Austria on a beautiful sunny day

The brilliant blue skies and the beaming sunshine woke me up the next day, and I went for a country drive in Austria. I searched out the impressive baroque pilgrimage church called Weizbergkirche in my hometown. Then, I visited Schloss Thannhausen, a Renaissance castle used as a venue for concerts and special events. After that, I continued my country drive in Austria through the mountain gorge of Weizklamm, with vertically dropping calcareous cliffs, a river, and the main road patched against the walls. The lane is so narrow in some places that cars on one side of the road have …

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austria wine region styria

Amazing Austria wine region of Southwestern Styria

Sunday was set aside for a full-day outing: we met with a couple of friends and traveled about an hour to Southwestern Styria, a well-known Austria wine region. Together, we went hiking in a picturesque hilly area, sometimes referred to as the Austrian Tuscany. After this exercise, we had a tasty late lunch at the nearby winegrowers’ restaurant. Then, in the evening, I went on a short bike ride around Weiz, my hometown. Driving to a famous Austria wine region On a lovely warm summer day, and after a nice full breakfast, we began our Sunday trip to Southwestern Styria, …

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travel in austria styria

Why I love to go back and travel in Austria

I was born in Vienna, but I have been living in Toronto for more than 20 years. I left Austria early, by myself, at the age of 20, and found a permanent home in Canada’s largest, most multicultural city. However, I never forgot that I was originally from a beautiful country and I love to travel in Austria. In my first 10 years of living in Canada, I used to travel in Austria once a year to visit my family: my father, my grandma, and my brother. Sadly, my mother died just a few months after I settled in Canada. …

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