The best fall vacations

If you can be flexible when you’re planning your annual holiday, you have a chance to enjoy the best fall vacations. Some summer destinations are still warm enough in early autumn, and in late fall you may catch an early start to winter sports. The best thing about low season travel in autumn is that everything’s more affordable and less crowded. To start planning the best fall vacations, get inspired by the destinations below!

best fall vacations USA

1. Top summer destinations in the US

The best fall vacations can be in top summer destinations. In September, you could still enjoy a holiday at the beach under the rays of a kinder sun. Not only will the water still be good to have a swim, but there will be fewer people at the beach.

Did you ever consider traveling to Hawaii in September? You should, because it’s a bargain! Other places you could go to are Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard.

best fall vacations europe
Best fall vacations destination: Prague, Czech Republic

2. Europe’s popular cities

Some of the best fall vacations can be in Europe. Look for travel deals that combine plane tickets, accommodations, transfers, and a couple of guided tours. Summer tourists are no longer overcrowding popular destinations like Paris, London, and Rome. Colder European destinations can also be quite affordable now, so keep an eye out for Scandinavia when you’re on travel websites.

best fall cruise vacations

3. Repositioning cruises

Repositioning cruises occur when cruise lines move their ships in the attempt to offer travelers warmer destinations to escape the cold weather at home. As cruise ships follow the sun, you should keep an eye out for their changes in navigation routes.

Quick cruise calendar

  • Cruises around Alaska, Europe, and Bermuda take place in summer when those destinations offer the best weather.
  • South-American cruises are popular when it’s summer in the southern hemisphere, therefore during our winter.
  • Caribbean cruises are available year-round thanks to the always warm weather. However, between June and November, it’s hurricane season, so it’s best to avoid those months.
  • Asian cruises are also available the entire year because most of the routes are in the equatorial region. However, the winter months are preferable, as the temperatures are more bearable.

Cruises typically reposition between seasons in order to respect the calendar sketched above. This means that during September-October and April-May you will find one-off itineraries known as repositioning cruises. They usually last two to three lengths as they slowly cross the Atlantic, Pacific or Indian ocean. Because they don’t have many stops, they are usually very discounted, though they do have lots of activities to keep them interesting.

There are also some repositioning cruises that don’t involve any ocean crossings, with a few more stops. Such an example is a cruise ship moving between the Caribbean and New England or Canada, with ports of call on the eastern coast of the United States.

There are many opportunities to book cheap fall vacations. You just need a bit of inspiration and some time to plan the best fall vacations out there!

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