Bus to Bitola Macedonia

A rainy day trip by bus to Bitola

The next day, Ana and Tim went to visit Ohrid Town. Simon and I returned to Ohrid, as well. But the two of us went to a station, to wait for a bus to Bitola, in Pelagonia Valley.

on the bus to Bitola

It was a rainy day, but we took our chances.

The bus ride was kind of bumpy, and our bus to Bitola wasn’t that new, but it didn’t really matter. The road was pleasant and the scenery was beautiful, though once it started raining, we couldn’t see that much out the windows.

Luckily, when we arrived in town, the rain had stopped and we could wander on the streets.

Walking through Bitola

Bitola is the ls a nice, small, old town, which kind of reminded me of Romania’s Sibiu.  It would have been nice to discover more of it, but the pestering rain limited our exploring.

Bus to Bitola Macedonia

We took cover from the rain in the old bazaar. Simon was mesmerized by it: so much variety, so many colours, with such an old, traditional feeling! I, on the other hand, was quite amused: their bazaar looks almost the same as the market I have next to my home. However, maybe for an urban German guy, that means exotic…

Back to Lagadin

On the way back to Lagadin, we both fell asleep on the bus. We needed the rest, as this was our last day and night at Lake Ohrid, and in Macedonia, as a matter of fact.

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What to see

Bitola old Bazaar (Stara Charshija)
Address: Bitola, Macedonia
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Bus to Bitola

Bus from Ohrid to Bitola
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