How to choose the best bed and breakfast: Top 5 tips

Bed and breakfast houses are establishments that provide accommodation for sleeping in the evening and a meal in the morning. The concept of a high-quality bed and breakfast is based on providing the customer with more than just a comfortable overnight stay and a special complimentary breakfast. The best bed and breakfast can include many other comforts that may not be found at regular B&Bs.

After all, in the world of accommodation and hospitality, travelers are not just looking for a place to rest at night. They are looking for fun things to do in the area, places to eat, and amenities that improve the general experience.

The topmost priority of what could be the bed and breakfast is the service they provide. A high-quality B&B meets and exceeds the expectations of its customers by providing the finest services. The best bed and breakfast houses understand that every individual has different needs. That is why these top-class hotels are designed to adapt to busy social lives while providing privacy as well.

For example, the best bed and breakfast houses in East Hampton, NY organize a series of themed parties, designed specifically for people who want to spend some time with family and friends. They offer delicious champagne, cakes, and creative menus to cater to all your gourmet needs, together with music that will keep you dancing until the next morning.

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best bed and breakfast new hamptons baker house 1650
Baker House 1650, Antonella’s B&B in New Hamptons

How to choose the best bed and breakfast

When talking about the facilities they provide, here are the top 5 important characteristics that define a high-quality bed and breakfast:

1. Accommodation

Good accommodation covers many features, which include having spacious rooms with private entrances and private bathrooms.  Additional services offered at the best bed and breakfast include flat-screen satellite TV, in-room coffee maker, soundproof walls, and individual thermostats; rooms with a balcony of panoramic city views, mini-bar, and wardrobe.

You could enjoy a glass of wine while relaxing in front of the pool at The Baker House 1650 or go out and explore East Hampton. This hotel is a perfect blend of luxury and comfort, as it renders impeccable services, and has a pleasing atmosphere and luxurious interior design. Baker Spa provides access to tranquility, harmony, and unparalleled opulence. They make sure you get the most out of your wellness visit.

2. Wine & Dine

Great entertainment, luscious food, and good drinks. These are only some of the treats you get when you stay at an upscale bed and breakfast house. The promise of a good meal is what attracts visitors, and good service keeps them coming back. High-quality hotels organize wine and dine events where they serve fresh, healthy, and tasty dishes for lunch and dinner, as well as daily specials and drinks in a warm atmosphere. They strive to provide a personal dining experience that will make you feel at home.

The cocktail menu at the best bed and breakfast is usually inspired by the search for original and extraordinary cocktails made with fresh ingredients and top-quality liqueurs.  You can order a specific continental or local cuisine or choose a special service, and enjoy the food and drink in the privacy of your room.

What one group of visitors considers the best bed and breakfast will not necessarily attract other groups. For example, what attracts families with young children to certain bed and breakfast inns does not necessarily work for businessmen looking for a glass of wine and a good meal after work. The best bed and breakfast actually takes care of every group by identifying their needs and choices are the ones known for the best fine dining. 

3. Experience

The only thing paramount to any high-end bed and breakfast house is that their guest has a good personal experience. They try to do their best to ensure that their guests get every opportunity to relax, unwind, and do a little less. Once you visit a luxury bed and breakfast, you will never want to stay at any usual business hotel. Every amenity at a luxury B&B is carefully designed to keep the balance between work and private life under control.

Spacious rooms, comfortable beds, clean bathrooms, and reliable staff, only lucky visitors get all these in one hotel. Personal experiences also depend on the city you are staying in. For example, Montauk bed and breakfast are affordable and provide all amenities, whereas bed and breakfast hotels in The Hamptons are expensive. However, innkeepers satisfy their guests by providing exceptional services and luxurious stays. 

4. Great value for money

Guaranteeing that their guests have a good stay is the most important task for a top-class hotel. This is why high-end hotels always work hard to ensure that the quality of their services is excellent. This applies to everything, from the time they receive their visitors’ booking, to the time the guest checks out. When the facilities are excellent, hospitality is amazing; it is only then that a traveler will say that they got the best out of their trip and found the best bed and breakfasts.

In order to meet the different needs of the guests, these luxury hotels use two pricing concepts. The first concept guarantees that general inn visitors will always receive the best possible price. The second concept benefits those who need a booking that is more flexible or wants to organize a certain event. In addition, they regularly provide seasonal special offers and discounts. Sometimes lucky customers or couples coming for the first time get free vacations as well. 

5. Local attractions

What would a vacation be without visits to art galleries and souvenir shops, a tour of a good selection of bars, pubs, or restaurants, and of course, fishing, sunbathing, and eating ice cream?  Without these things, there’s no point to have found the best bed and breakfast.

Young travelers who tend to spend less time at the hotel are attracted to other activities. They enjoy visiting concerts nearby, fun by the pool, gym classes, spas, fireplaces, culinary experiences, and so on.

The most famous and prestigious restaurants are easy to find and can be found in city centers or in unique places around the world. Hence, the proximity to local attractions is the fifth most important characteristic of any high-grade B&B house.

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