Top Male attractions to cover in 1 day

The Maldivian capital is pint-sized but is the throbbing mercantile core of the nation. Thus the small city of Male can be explored in one day. Several monuments like the Muliaage, a palace built in the early 20th century, or the three-story National Museum are some of the places that make up for great sightseeing spots. Among the best Male attractions, there are many beautiful beaches and parks too where you can sit back in peace. Male’s city tour is the most comprehensive and preferred way to enjoy the city’s myriad sights.

Thrillophilia’s Maldives package lets you learn about the pleasingly quirky city and its local culture. During a guided walking tour around Male, you get to explore the tiny streets with a guide by your side, who adds a slice of adventure by lacing them with local insights. You walk through narrow lanes and marvel at the exciting street graffiti, soak in the city’s chilled-out vibe, and be a part of the local’s laid-back lifestyle. As a part of the package, you get to enjoy making the most of a magical tea-time experience at a local café, stroll through the local markets, historical sites and leave the city with some indelible memories to cherish.

1. Sultan Park

If you have recently splurged on Maldives packages from India for couples, then one of the most beautiful places you can visit in Malé in one day has to be Sultan Park. This park was born after the palace’s royal gardens underwent a transformation. It is endowed with lush greenery and has awe-inspiring historical significance that draws a gazillion tourists from all across the world.

Located in the close proximity of some of the major attractions, this Park lets you make the most of a rejuvenating stroll, a tranquil ambiance, moments of relaxation, and the park’s sheer beauty. This park also makes for an incredible spot for picnicking with your partner or family or simply spending some alone time introspecting. Thus, if you are all set to move away from the city life’s hustle-bustle, and desire to spend an enchanting evening, Sultan Park can be the perfect getaway for you to lift your spirits.

2. Male in Tsunami Monument

Located in Thin Ruh Park, Boduthakurufaanu Magu, in Malé, this freestanding steel memorial is one of the most tranquil locations, that honors the 74 tsunami victims who lost their lives in the 2004 catastrophe. It is not some simple monument but has sentimental importance attached to it. The names of those who passed away are engraved on the rods and people visiting the monument can read them effortlessly.

The Male Tsunami Monument has calm surroundings and on a one-day tour of the city, you can visit this spot to introspect and reflect on the brevity of life. There are 20 steel circles encircling the monument and those represent Maldives’ atolls while the pillars symbolize Tsunami waves. It is open for 24 hours hence you can pay a visit anytime you like.

male attractions maldives Hukuru Miskiiy
Best Male Attractions Maldives: Hukuru Miskii. Photo by David Stanley from Nanaimo, Canada, CC BY 2.0

3. Hukuru Miskiiy (Old Friday Mosque)

One of the oldest and most fascinating emblems of Male has to be the coral stone Hukuru Miskiiy (Old Friday Mosque) which dates from 1656. This beautiful structure has intricate decoration and a Quranic script chiseled into it. Non-Muslims wishing to view the inside must get permission from a Ministry of Islamic Affairs official.

This fascinating Male attraction may have a corrugated-iron sheet covering and protecting the roof but the interior is ravishing and famed for its elaborate woodcarvings and fine lacquer work. A blue-and-white round, squat minaret overlooks the mosque while the one side of the mosque comprises intricately carved tombstones and is a cemetery. You must pay a visit to the mosque if you wish to offer prayers or simply stroll around the graveyard.

4. National Museum

If you are a history enthusiast, you must visit the National Museum of Malé located in Chandhanee Magu. Open Sunday-Thursday from 10 AM-4 PM, this museum contains a classified collection of historic artifacts that serve to trace the isolated islands’ unusual history.

The major display begins downstairs as here you will find galleries dedicated to Maldivian history’s medieval and ancient periods. Items exhibited include religious paraphernalia, weaponry, household wares, and impressively carved wood pieces called Thaana. Upstairs you will find a display representing the modern era through various antique technology pieces which include a massive computer, telephone, and the first gramophone.

The one thing that is sure to stay etched in your memory is the 6-meter-long skeleton of an exquisite whale species called the Longman’s Beaked Whale, from their splendid marine collection.

5. Grand Friday Mosque

Located on Jumhooree Maidan in Male, the Grand Friday Mosque is an awe-inspiring mosque that dominates the Male skyline and is the country’s biggest mosque. You can enter this mosque outside of the prayer times and between 9 AM-5 PM just to view its serenity.

Virtually free from any adornments, this white marble mosque looks striking despite being so unembellished. The mosque’s prayer hall is a sight to behold with stunningly-carved wooden doors and side panels, a beautifully woven carpet laid on the floor, and alluring chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

If you are genuinely interested to visit the Mosque you must come dressed modestly; long trousers are a must for men and a dress or a long skirt is a must for women.

male attractions maldives Muliaage palace
Top Male Attractions Maldives: Muliaage Palace. Photo by Zairon, CC BY-SA 4.0

6. Muliaage (Palace)

Located in Henveiru’s ward at Medhuziyaaraiy Magu, the Muliaage (Palace) was built for the sultan in 1919. Though the sultan deposed before he could move in, the building thus served as a government office for over 40 years. In the year 1953, it became the president’s residence after the proclamation of the first republic.

The Muliaage’s architecture is highly reminiscent of the type of buildings erected during Sri Lanka’s colonial period. With the Maldives packages from India for couples, you must surely come here to witness its magnificence and grandeur from the outside as visitors’ entry is prohibited.

7. Medhu Ziyaarath

Just at the Mule Ages eastern, there is a tomb you will come across behind a fancy blue and white gatehouse, this tomb of Abul Bakarat Yoosuf Al Barbary is the Medhu Ziyaarath. Abul Bakarat Yoosuf Al Barbary is the person who brought Islam in 1153 BC to the Maldivian capital. The entry to the tomb is free and people come here to visit this location because you get panoramic views of the sea. To reach Medhu Ziyaarath, you can disembark at the Majeediyya School bus and Sultan Park bus stations.

8. Artificial Beach

Located on Male Island’s eastern coast, the Artificial Beach is one of the most breathtaking man-made seashores. This crescent-like seaside has a pleasant climate and is a popular tourist destination. At the first glance, it may not seem to be an artificial beach but this beach is a well-loved swimming spot because you will not find the lush-blue Maldivian waters to be deep here. This beach also has many barbecues, cafes, and lounging areas besides water sports galore for the adventurous souls. Moreover, this beach is also an exciting hub for heartwarming cultural activities that include parades, live music concerts, and colorful carnivals.

9. China-Maldives Friendship Bridge

If you desire to marvel at one of the most spectacular engineering marvels, you must visit the cross-sea China-Maldives Friendship Bridge. This bridge goes over the sea and the concrete supports are embedded in the seabed. This bridge is 2000 meters long and connects Hulhule’s airport island with Male. Inaugurated on August 30 in 2018, this Chinese-built bridge has eased the transport between the Indian Ocean’s atolls and made the Maldivians’ life quite convenient. You must cross the bridge to explore the Hulhumale region’s restaurants and cafes.

male attractions maldives victory monument
Top Male Attractions Maldives: Victory Monument. Photo by Zairon, CC BY-SA 4.0

10. Victory Monument

Located in the Male town’s backstreets, the Tomb of Mohammed Thakurufaanu is the tomb of the national hero Maldives packages from India for couples will definitely include a visit to the historical landmark of Malé city and that is the Victory Monument that is open 24/7.

This monument is a bravery symbol and was constructed as a gesture to pay tribute to the soldiers who perished during the terrorist attack by Tamil tigers on 3rd November 1988. The white rugged circle in the monument represents attempted invasion, the green circle illustrates the Maldives, and the red circle symbolizes the Maldivan people’s blood. This monument is located miles afar from the city and you can come here to enjoy a tranquil walk and the place’s warmth and silence.

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