5 romantic travel Valentine’s Day resolutions

A new year is always a chance for a new future. You and your loved one should continue this new year by making some romantic travel resolutions together on Valentine’s Day, irrespective of your spare time and budget constraints. Leave those old travel habits behind and make some new ones! Make some Valentine’s Day resolutions that will make your travels together focused on adventure, fantasy, and festivities!

1. We’re going to plan a real vacation together

It doesn’t have to be a cruise around the world or a fancy first-class getaway. (Although, if you can afford it, why not?) What matters most is to make it an actual vacation, though. Without any cell phones, tablets, or anything else that might shift your attention away from each other.

Mark the days on your calendar and make sure you respect them as much as you would if they were business appointments. The business of romantic travel, however, is a fun one. And the two of you can actually enjoy planning it months in advance.

2. We’ll both be involved in making romantic travel plans

Usually, only one gets invested in planning the entire trip… and that mission soon becomes a chore. Why not make your travel plans together? Anticipation is half the fun. Find a travel agent, look through brochures, or search the internet for stuff like travel Valentine’s Day. Buy a guidebook. Watch a movie filmed in your romantic travel destination.

travel valentines day resolutions
Couple trying new things together after making Valentine’s Day resolutions

3. We’re going to try new things together

Here’s to one of my favorite Valentine’s Day resolutions: We’re going to do stuff that we never do when we travel together! For this one, you can be as mild or as wild as you can be. Try whitewater rafting. Stay in a boathouse. Go on a hot air balloon ride. Learn how to scuba dive. Dance all night at a beach party. To each their own, after all.

4. We’ll go on a mini-vacation every month

Whether it’s for the night or the weekend, plan tiny slices of a vacation every month. Book your stay at a nearby bed and breakfast. To save some money, you can also call ahead to find out which are their low-peak nights (e.g. in business-oriented cities, it’s usually Friday and Saturday).

If you’re really short on time, at least go on a fun date night somewhere new. There’s only one rule to this: you both must act like you’re on vacation! Just go on a romantic travel adventure whenever you have the chance.

5. We’re going to attend at least four festivals this year

Special events take place everywhere around the world. Whatever your interests are — from electronic music to sandcastle building — you’re going to find a festival related to them. If you can, stretch your romantic travel adventure to a long weekend. And, if you have the time and resources, try out a number of major fun festivals: Halloween, Mardi Gras, the Carnival in Rio, or the one in Venice. Don’t forget about your costumes!

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