Bluefin Cruise Carbon Fiber Paddle Board

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Bluefin Cruise Carbon Fiber Paddle Board. Looking for the most reliable, flexible, all-inclusive Carbon Stand Up Inflatable Paddle Board Reliable on the market? Only Bluefin uses 1000 Denier Exo Laminate PVC & Pro Woven Drop Thread. These materials make our SUP boards so durable that they can bear up to 28 PSIs.

The Bluefin Cruise Carbon 12′: the most stable solid, stable, inflatable SUP you’ll ever find! Check other available lengths here and shop for the best carbon fiber paddle board on the market!

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About the Bluefin Cruise Carbon Fiber paddle board

  • The Bluefin Cruise Carbon Fiber Paddle Board is a new-generation iSUP providing upgraded special features and modifications. The FRS (Flex Reduction System) benefits from carbon-rail construction; in fact, a separate central-inflation loop chamber provides an ultra-rigid and high-pressure Carbon Fiber Paddle Board that is thicker and heavier than ever before.
  • Only Bluefin uses ESL for super tough UV-proof sets: 11200 stitches of 500 denier space yarn per square meter.
  • The Bluefin Cruise Carbon 12 has AIR DUO technology, ensuring an ultra-stiff Carbon Fiber Paddle Board of absolute rigidity.
  • The gentle rocker has been optimized for use in all regions while stand up paddling. The Carbon Stand Up Inflatable Paddle Board slices through the water but keeps track of flats. The double-layer side rails have been strengthened with 500 denier PVC fabric & sealed with heat welding for an aerodynamic finish that glides through the water.
  • Kayaking & Stand Up Paddle-boarding go together like fish & chips. The Carbon Stand Up Inflatable Paddle Board can do both.
  • The non-slip Croco-diamond deck pad of the paddleboards is secure under the foot, providing additional grip and traction. The kick pad feature at the end of the Bluefin Cruise Carbon 12 helps you to easily make straight & carving turns.
  • Your Carbon Stand Up Inflatable Paddle Board is also fitted with a sturdy cargo net to store your valuables & extra equipment, in addition to several D rings for additional versatility & flexibility.
  • Shoot endless footage on the water with the fixed GoPro mount. Integrated into the board structure of the inflatable models for security & reliability.
  • The lightweight carbon shaft and polyurethane blades of the paddles weigh 45% less than the regular aluminum SUP paddles. The ultra-hard blade is difficult to chip or warp, and the no-flutter nature makes any stroke more effective with less energy.
  • The Bluefin Cruise Carbon Fiber Paddle Board features the US Box Fin System to easily connect to your specially made fin – ideal for wave cutting.
  • Cover your ankle or calf with a supportive neoprene band. The velcro rail-saver end makes an extra close attachment to the D-rings of the frame.
  • Also comes with a waterproof Smart Phone Case and a Minor SUP Repair Kit.
  • One of the best inflatable boards on the market at this moment.

Bluefin Cruise Carbon 12 iSUP & SUP accessories

Inflatable board size 12′
Stand up paddle boards dimensions 366cm x 82cm x 16cm
Max. user weight 185kg
Drop-stitch density 11200 m2
Inflation 12 PSI (Recommended) | 15 PSI (Max) | x 2
Pump Triple Action Single & Double Chamber
Paddles Carbon Fibre Paddle + PU Blade
Inflatable sups fin 2+1 Fin Setup + US Box Fin System
Backpack for inflatable paddle boards Most comfortable heavy-duty SUP backpack available with loads of extra padding & super wide straps.
Dimensions: 100cm x 37cm x 30cm
Volume: 111 Litres
Fixed GoPro mount Integrated GoPro mount on the nose to record your adventures.

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Bluefin SUP board & accessories

Bluefin SUP boards' story begins in the early 2010s, inspired by a childhood spent on the water in the western Southern Uplands and a passion for all things aquatic. Bluefin SUPs enchantment fueled the company's desire to produce a line of premium constructed inflatable boards that the whole family could enjoy – and still do – without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality. As an ocean-loving family business, Bluefin SUP has worked tirelessly to fulfill that commitment. Many years have been spent painstakingly working on research and development and continually improving the Bluefin paddle boards collection. Bluefin SUP is proud to deliver a special range of stand up paddleboards to suit everyone, from junior and full-time amateurs trying to get into the sport for the first time, to professional ocean-goers. There's a Bluefin SUP board for everyone: made with passion by stand-up paddleboard lovers.
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Bluefin Cruise Carbon 12 Carbon Fiber Paddle Board
Bluefin Cruise Carbon Fiber Paddle Board
Original price was: $999,00.Current price is: $749,00.