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Day Owl Tote Bag is a zero-waste bag created from 7 recycled water bottles collected by the First Mile team. Carry more while wasting less.

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The Day Owl Tote Bag is a fashionable and eco-friendly item for your everyday trips! This zero-waste bag is crafted from seven recycled water bottles gathered by the First Mile team, allowing you to carry more while wasting less.

The Day Owl Tote Bag is not only environmentally friendly, but it is also functional and flexible. Its roomy shape and strong construction make it ideal for transporting groceries, books, and other necessities. Furthermore, this Day Owl bag has a sleek and sophisticated design that will lend a touch of class to any ensemble.

So, why delay? Get the Day Owl Tote Bag today and help shape a more sustainable future! It’s one of the best sustainable tote bags on the market.

About the Day Owl Tote Bag

  • Fill a Day Owl More Tote Bag with everything the day has in store. Pack the More Bag away at the end of the day.
  • The More Bag from Day Owl is the world’s first totally circular bag, created from 7 recycled water bottles and featuring a zero-waste design. Carry more and use less.
  • Carries 18 L of food, the equivalent of 2-3 plastic bags
  • You can get it in a lovely pattern or a solid color. Or you can get yourself a wearable art piece because Day Owl partnered with Carissa Potter, Nina Wilson, Amber Vittoria, and Ashley Mary to create unique patterns you’ll adore!

Day Owl Tote Bag Details

  • It has longer, strengthened handles for a more comfortable fit over your shoulder and in your hand.
  • There’s 1 inside pocket for keys or your phone
  • Compact design that folds into itself
  • Water-repellent
  • Machine washable (hang dry)

How sustainable are Day Owl Tote Bags

  • The world’s first zero-waste, totally circular, recyclable reusable tote has arrived!
  • Crafted from 100% recycled polyester ripstop with a water-based coating
  • Made from 7 recycled bottles
  • Zero-waste tote bag which means no extra fabric waste.
  • Circular tote bag, not intended to be thrown away

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Additional information

Artist collaborations

We Belong by Carissa Potter, Every Beautiful Shade by Nina Wilson, The Elements of My Spirit by Amber Vittoria, Down to Earth Teal by Ashley Mary


Green Bottle Flake, Lime Daisy, Zero Waste, Picnic in Tan/Brick, Circle Square in Forest/Sage

Solid Colors

Sage Green, Golden Yellow, Noon Blue, Hazy Tan, Nocturnal Black


Unfolded: 12”H x 12”W x 5.5”D. Folded: 5.5”H x 4.25”W


3 oz


18 L (carries up to 40 lb)


Day Owl

Day Owl is the first entirely circular bag company (with your support). They aim to make sustainable backpacks from recycled landfill-bound materials and repair and refurbish them to keep them in use. Once they're finished, Day Owl makes sure they're used to manufacture new bags. Respect for people is at the heart of Dayowl's endeavor, as it is of every solution to the environmental challenge. It's challenging, and Day Owl's not perfect, but they start each day striving to make the world a better place and to empower people.
day owl logo brand
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Day Owl Tote Bag