Miir Backpack Set

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Miir Backpack Set. During your morning commute, the Miir 12oz tumbler preserves your coffee or tea at the optimum temperature. Keep it safe in The Backpack’s spill-resistant sip pocket, where the lead-proof cover will keep any spills at bay.

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Begin your day correctly with the Miir Backpack Set! The Miir 12oz tumbler is the ideal travel companion, keeping your coffee or tea at the ideal temperature so you can enjoy it all the way to your destination.

However, we understand that spills do occur, which is why the Backpack has a spill-resistant drink pocket to keep your tumbler safe. The lead-proof cover will keep any spills contained, allowing you to relax and enjoy your drink without stress.

You’ll have everything you need for a stress-free start to your day with the Miir Bag Set. Get your basal coffee travel bag today and enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that the spill-resistant sip pocket provides!

About the Miir Backpack Set

  • The Miir 12oz tumbler keeps your coffee or tea insulated and at the optimum temperature for your morning commute.
  • Put it in the Day Owl Backpack‘s spill-resistant bottle compartment (sip pocket) and relax knowing the lead-proof cover will keep it clean.

About the Miir 12oz tumbler

  • Miir creates high-end stainless steel vessels for coffee, beer, wine, and food that are all based on three things: water, earth, and people’s relationships with both. By putting a part of earnings aside to finance initiatives focused on clean water, a healthy environment, and strong communities, the company sits at the intersection of these three key factors.

About The Backpack by Day Owl

  • Outside it’s minimal, inside it’s organized, and everything is sustainable.
  • The Backpack from Day Owl is meant to accompany you throughout the day, no matter where you go.
  • Every element and material has been meticulously chosen to make the backpack as useful as possible, while still being environmentally friendly.
  • Spill-resistant bottle pocket Holds up to 750ml water (or wine) bottles
  • Three more hidden pockets help you keep organized.
  • Water and stain-resistant canvas that keeps your belongings dry.


Additional information

The Backpack colors

Dusk Grey, Jam Red, Midnight Navy, Maple Brown, Pine Green, Pale Olive, Dawn Grey, Mustard Yellow, Desert Pink

Miir 12oz tumbler colors

White, Basal, Spark


Day Owl

Day Owl is the first entirely circular bag company (with your support). They aim to make sustainable backpacks from recycled landfill-bound materials and repair and refurbish them to keep them in use. Once they're finished, Day Owl makes sure they're used to manufacture new bags. Respect for people is at the heart of Dayowl's endeavor, as it is of every solution to the environmental challenge. It's challenging, and Day Owl's not perfect, but they start each day striving to make the world a better place and to empower people.
day owl logo brand

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Miir Backpack Set
Original price was: $173,95.Current price is: $147,86.