Organized Backpacks Set


Organized Backpacks Set bringing together a powerful duo. The Cord Pouch, the best buddy of the Slim Backpack, takes organization to the next level by managing chargers and other small objects that may otherwise become tangled or lost.

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The Organized Backpacks Set is a powerful combination that will transform the way you carry and arrange your things! The Day Owl Slim Backpack is the ideal companion for your everyday trips. Its elegant design and generous storage capacity make it simple to carry anything you need, from books and computers to snacks and water bottles. It’s the best slim backpack you’ll own!

The Cord Pouch, however, is the true star of the show. This ingenious little gadget is the best organizer for all of your chargers and other little objects that are prone to become tangled or forgotten. The Cord Pouch’s smartly constructed sections and zipped pockets keep everything in its place, allowing you to simply access what you need without digging through a jumbled mess.

So don’t put it off any longer – grab the Day Owl Backpacks Set today and enjoy the utmost in organization and ease!

About the Organized Backpacks Set

  • The Cable Pouch, the Slim Backpack‘s best buddy, takes organization to the next level by managing chargers and other small objects that may otherwise become tangled or misplaced.

About the Slim Backpack

  • The Slim Backpack is designed for lighter, leaner days and carries only what you need.
  • This Day Owl backpack is intended to accompany you throughout the day, wherever it may lead you.
  • Every feature and material has been carefully selected to make the most useful backpack created in the most environmentally friendly way possible.
  • Water and stain-repellant First Mile® canvas keeps your belongings dry.

About the Cable Pouch

  • Designed to keep all of your chargers, dongles, and assorted must-haves organized. Furthermore, it is created from long-lasting materials that empower individuals while also cleaning up the environment.
  • The charging block is kept in an inside pocket, and the cords are kept in place by elastic webbing.


Additional information

Slim backpack colors

Desert Pink, Slate Grey, Clay Orange, Pale Olive, Mustard Yellow, Lavender, Dawn Grey

Cord Pouch colors

Maple Brown, Pale Olive, Nocturnal Black


Day Owl

Day Owl is the first entirely circular bag company (with your support). They aim to make sustainable backpacks from recycled landfill-bound materials and repair and refurbish them to keep them in use. Once they're finished, Day Owl makes sure they're used to manufacture new bags. Respect for people is at the heart of Dayowl's endeavor, as it is of every solution to the environmental challenge. It's challenging, and Day Owl's not perfect, but they start each day striving to make the world a better place and to empower people.
day owl logo brand

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