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Nayo Rover Backpack

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The Nayo Rover can be your smart backpack when you travel for business or in the middle of nature. Carefully compartmented and waterproof, it will keep your things safe and dry at all times.

Stay safe on the go with the Nayo Rover backpack and use its compass or whistle in case of an emergency.

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The Nayo Rover Backpack is a waterproof backpack with a design that combines beauty and functionality. The design integrates the car’s streamlined components, giving it a technological feel. Its unique fabric uses cutting-edge manufacturing technologies to ensure maximum waterproofing.

If it’s raining lightly, don’t be concerned. Designers have updated the inside structure several times to balance utility for daily and travel use. Finally, the Rover Bag has greater storage space, which is more in line with metropolitan requirements.

Nayo Rover Backpack features

The Nayo Rover backpack was created for travelers always on the move. Elegant-looking, highly functional, and extremely comfortable, you can take this smart backpack everywhere, from an office meeting to the middle of the woods.

Made from 600d high-density polyester with a waterproof coating and YKK zippers, the large-capacity Nayo Rover backpack will protect your belongings and keep them dry even in the roughest weather conditions.

The external fabric has an environmental waterproof coating that ensures the backpack’s exceptional waterproof performance, and the smooth surface is easy to clean. Furthermore, we utilize a waterproof branded zipper that is specifically intended for baggage to withstand heavy weights and regular use.

With a 33-liter volume and a weight of only 1.1 kg, the Nayo Rover backpack is 50 cm tall, 16 cm deep and 32 cm wide.

It has multiple pockets and compartments to fit your needs. With three primary compartments, the Nayo Smart Rover Bag is clearly divided. Electronics, books, clothing, and other stuff can all be carefully categorized and stored individually. Check them out:

  1. Top zippered compartment: books, documents, wallets, chargers, keys, and small notebooks can all be stored here.
  2. Main compartment with a 180-degree opening. This open construction makes packing and unpacking a breeze: simply unzip it like a suitcase and pull out whatever you need.
  3. Discrete electronic device compartment that can hold a 15.6″ laptop and a 10.2″ tablet.

On the Nayo Rover Backpack, there are two easy-access top pockets where you can easily grab and stow your notebook and other daily carry goods; the front side pocket can even fit a 7.9″ tablet.

The streamlined side bottle pocket can hold a 500cc bottle and is easily accessible. When empty, it will fit snugly into the pack’s body, creating a smooth and attractive appearance.

The last compartment that needs to be mentioned is the hidden back pocket. On the back, there is a separate zipper pocket that is close to your body and difficult to discover. You’ll notice that it’s a good spot to keep cell phones, wallets, and other valuables.

There’s also an external USB charging port for your electronic devices. The Nayo Rover Pack allows you to store your portable charging pack safely while still having access to your phone or tablet.

Filled with 12mm high-elasticity, anti-compression, and shock-resistant back and shoulder pads, the Nayo Rover Backpack not only increases air permeability but also effectively disperses pressure, providing a comfortable experience even when carrying big weights.

The 3D design effectively disperses pressure, providing a comfortable experience even when carrying hefty weights. The ergonomic S-shaped bionic shoulder straps have been enlarged to increase the force-bearing area while also decreasing pressure on your shoulder.

The Nayo Smart Rover Backpack does a better job of maintaining body weight at a proper position thanks to an adjustable chest clasp that may move up and down.

Nayo Rover Smart Backpack


Nayo Smart Rover Bag specifications

  • Materials: Environmental friendly high-density polyester with waterproof, polyurethane coating + 230D lining + 12mmEVA
  • Dimensions: 19.7 x 12.6 x 6.3 in
  • Volume: 33 L
  • Weight: 1.1 kilograms
  • Rover Bag color: Black.
  • The padded compartments can hold a 15.6” laptop & a 10.2″ iPad.
  • Free shipping worldwide.

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Nayo Smart is a creative company focused on developing sleek esthetic travel backpacks. The critical features of Nayo Smart's backpacks are convenience, wide volume, and cool design. As travel addicts, they know travelers' worries, and they take them into account when they make their Nayo Smart backpacks. They're not easy things to market, but they're a nice companion to accompany any backpacker. There's no better bag, and Na Yo's doing their hardest to make them suitable for all of your needs.
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Nayo Rover Backpack
Original price was: $118,00.Current price is: $85,00.