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Nayo Almighty Functional Backpack 32 L

Original price was: $140,00.Current price is: $97,00.

The Nayo Almighty Functional Backpack is a versatile and durable backpack that is perfect for a wide range of activities and adventures. With a capacity of 32 liters, this backpack offers plenty of space for all of your gear and features multiple pockets and compartments for organization. The backpack is made from high-quality materials and is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. Whether you’re going on a hike, a camping trip, or a long-distance travel adventure, the Nayo Almighty Functional Backpack is the perfect companion. With its functional design and durable construction, this backpack is a must-have for anyone who loves to explore the outdoors.

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The 32-liter Nayo Almighty Functional Backpack is ideal for the modern traveler: it’s versatile and can be taken on all sorts of travels. It’s durable, so you can take it for a hike in the mountains. At the same time, it’s elegant, so you can use it when you’re flying for work, too. The size of the Nayo Smart Almighty large backpack makes it perfect as hand luggage when flying on most airlines.

The Nayo Almighty Functional Backpack is a smart backpack that can suit all of your demands for travel, business, photography, and sports. Its appearance is simple, and there is no further elaborate adornment, which follows the theme of less is more to the last detail.

The original goal of the internal structure design is to adapt to the needs of modern travelers: various compartments can accommodate practically all of the stuff you need to carry on the journey, making packing more efficient, beautiful, and functional.

Nayo Almighty Functional Backpack features

The Nayo Almighty backpack from Nayo Smart is available in two sizes: large and small. The Nayo Almighty Functional Backpack has a volume of 32 liters. It is 51 cm tall, 35 cm wide, and 17 cm deep. In its specially designed compartment, it fits a 17.3-inch laptop. Empty, it weighs 1.5 kilograms.

Nayo Smart Almighty is a travel backpack made out of 600d High Tenacity Polyester with waterproof coating. Not only does this backpack material make it resistant to wear and tear throughout the years, but it also makes it the perfect choice no matter what the weather conditions are like during your trip.

The reversed YKK zippers add to its durability. Na yo Smart zippers are specifically built for luggage to withstand large loads and frequent use. The Reversed Zipper design is meticulously crafted to blend in with the elegant look of the Nayo Almighty.

Speaking of zippers, the Almighty load zips open like a suitcase. This functional backpack’s 180° open construction makes it easier to load and unpack—just unzip it like a suitcase and access whatever you need.

The Nayo Almighty large backpack is fitted with 20 pockets. The interior of this backpack Almighty is well-organized, with padded sections for electronic devices such as a laptop, tablet, and folder, and mesh compartments for clothing and books. This incredible backpack contains over 20 pockets, so no matter what stuff you have, there is a place for it.

There’s an easy-access top pocket. It lets you effortlessly grasp and store your notebook and other daily carry goods, as well as the internal secure pocket for valuables such as your sunglasses or wallet.

The Nayo Almighty functional backpack also has a waterproof side bottle pocket. A 500cc bottle can be stored in the insulating pocket on the side. On a hot day, put a can of Coke or a bottle of cold water in it to dissipate the heat and bring on an instant cool with a feeling of relaxation.

Furthermore, there’s a secure hidden back pocket. On the back, there is a separate zipper pocket that is close to your body and difficult to discover. You’ll know it’s a safe location to keep your phone, wallet, and other valuables.

Beyond being practical to perfection, the Nayo Almighty smart backpack is also very comfortable. The ergonomic harness of this smart functional urban backpack makes it feel good on your back even when you’re packing a laptop.

Both shoulder straps have been expanded to increase the force-bearing area and relieve pressure on your shoulders. The Nayo Almighty Backpack does a better job of balancing body weight at a proper position thanks to an adjustable chest clasp that can move up and down.

Filled with 12mm high-elasticity, anti-compression, and shock-resistant back and shoulder pads, the Almighty products not only increase air permeability but also effectively disperse pressure, providing a comfortable experience even when carrying the almighty load.

There’s also an external USB charging port. Nayo Almighty functional backpack allows you to safely store your portable charging pack while keeping your phone or tablet within reach.

Nayo Smart is offering two extra bags as a gift with this backpack. One of them is a waterproof wash bag (or additional toiletry bag), which comes with a hook to hang in the bathroom or right in the shower. The second accessory bag is for keeping your electronic devices and wires tidy inside your Nayo Almighty travel backpack.

Nayo Almighty Backpack ASMR unboxing

Nayo Almighty Backpack specifications

  • Materials: Waterproof and environmental friendly TPU fabric with 230D lining + 12mmEVA lining
  • Dimensions: 20 x 13.7 x 6.6 in
  • Volume: 32 L
  • Weight: 1.5 kilograms
  • Backpack Almighty color: Black.
  • The laptop compartment can hold up to 17.3 inch laptop.
  • Free shipping worldwide.

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Nayo Smart Backpacks

Nayo Smart is a creative company focused on developing sleek esthetic travel backpacks. The critical features of Nayo Smart's backpacks are convenience, wide volume, and cool design. As travel addicts, they know travelers' worries, and they take them into account when they make their Nayo Smart backpacks. They're not easy things to market, but they're a nice companion to accompany any backpacker. There's no better bag, and Na Yo's doing their hardest to make them suitable for all of your needs.
nayo smart backpacks
nayo almighty functional backpack
Nayo Almighty Functional Backpack 32 L
Original price was: $140,00.Current price is: $97,00.