Stasher snack bag


Stasher snack bag – a reusable silicone storage bag that eliminates the need for single-use plastic. Every Stasher bag is reusable and radically utilitarian, changing the way people cook, store, and save.

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You can get rid of single-use plastic from your life by using the innovative silicone storage bag we’re introducing today: the Stasher snack bag! In addition to being a practical and easy way to carry food and other goods, Stasher is also a sustainable option. Stasher is a revolutionary replacement for single-use plastic bags since each bag is composed of strong silicone that can be used repeatedly.

Stasher is also profoundly utilitarian, altering the way people prepare food, store items, and save money. Use it to sous vide cook your meals, marinate your meat, and keep leftovers in the refrigerator or freezer. There are countless options!

With the Stasher snack bag, you can say good-bye to unnecessary plastic bags and hello to a more sustainable future. Join the effort to minimize plastic pollution by giving it a try right now!

About the Stasher snack bag

The Snack Stasher is the ideal reusable container for travel snacks and home management. Fill with trail mix, biscuits, paper clips, pens or pencils, pet treats, or anything else that should be kept nice and dry. The Snack Stasher is made of pure platinum food-grade silicone, includes no dangerous chemicals, and is freezer and microwave-safe. This size fits most mobile devices and is touchscreen compatible, thanks to the innovative Pinch-LocTM seal. Stasher bags are all final sale.

As a mission-driven company, a percentage of the sales of all stasher bags for travel gets donated to environmental NGOs working to safeguard our seas. Stasher has prevented over one billion single-use plastic bags from entering our trash stream.

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Stasher snack bag
Stasher snack bag