More suitcase packing tips for your flight

Most people choose to travel by plane because it’s faster and more luxurious than with other means of transport. However, to have a pleasant trip, it’s best to be well prepared in advance. Which is why I’ve decided to share with you some more suitcase packing tips!

It’s not enough to book your seat with an airline with good customer service. Or doing your best to increase your personal comfort during your journey. You need to pack your things right, too. So check out our suitcase packing tips below to have a better journey!

The best suitcase packing tips

  1. When you prepare your luggage for the next flight, add labels with your name, address, and phone number both inside and on the outside of your suitcase. If you already have this information, take a look and check that the details are still valid.
  2. Pack items like medicine, jewelry, glasses, boarding passes, money, documents, camera, and camera gear in your hand luggage. Many airlines won’t reimburse you for these items if they happen to be inside your missing luggage.
  3. Items like cosmetics, nail polish, shoe polish, perfume, liquor, or anything that could break and stain your clothes in a resistant plastic container. This is obviously the case of liquids in hand luggage, but you should apply this suitcase packing tip to checked luggage, too.
  4. Always convert your cash into traveler’s checks, because those can be reissued in case they get lost. Make sure your serial numbers are packed in a different place from your traveler’s checks. Also, keep in mind that you can’t use traveler’s checks all around the Globe, so adapt this to your travel destination.
  5. Make a list of the items you packed inside your suitcase and carry it with you. It’s also a good idea o take photos of the items you had inside, too. This way, if TSA opens your luggage, for example, you can prove what was inside your luggage should anything go missing.
  6. Don’t lock checked luggage, unless you have TSA-approved locks. If your luggage has a different locking system and TSA needs to force it open for inspection, you’ll be responsible for all loss or damage to your suitcase.
  7. Most airlines are liable for loss or damage to checked luggage of up to $2,800. Of course, you can pay extra to ensure your luggage over that amount.
  8. When you leave the plane, take a good look around to make sure you took everything with you. Airlines are not responsible for any items left on board.

suitcase packing tips for hand luggage
Suitcase packing tips for hand luggage

Suitcase packing tips: Hand luggage

Every year, over 30 million pieces of luggage are lost by major airlines only. This is why travel experts recommend packing your carry-on luggage better. After all, a well-stocked cabin bag can help you overcome most of the ordeal of missing luggage.

I’ve already mentioned above that documents and tickets belong in your carry-on luggage. If you are unsure whether a paper belongs in your checked luggage or your hand luggage, ask yourself if you have to use it in the first 48h at your destination. If yes, add it to your carry-on bag.

You should also have a fresh change of clothes in your cabin bag. Even if it’s not an entire outfit, it should be enough to feel clean after a long trip (e.g. underwear, socks, clean shirt).

Also, pack travel-sized products that can increase your comfort and hygiene levels. For example, toothbrush, a small deodorant, and some hand sanitizer.

suitcase packing tips medicine
Suitcase packing tips for personal medication

Suitcase packing tips: Medication

A bit earlier, I mentioned that mediation belongs in your cabin bag. But there’s more to take into account when it comes to packing medication. First of all, you should anticipate what kind of medication you will need during your trip and add that to your luggage. Consider common issues, like headaches, indigestion, cold, etc.

It’s a good idea to pack more medication than you’ll actually need. You never know if the circumstances will change and force you to extend your travels by a day or more.

If you have any particular health issues (e.g. you have allergies), you should pack a statement from your doctor explaining them, plus the prescription for your medication. It’s not a bad idea to also pack the prescription for your glasses if you’re wearing any.

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