new travel bunny blog

The new Travel Bunny blog

Hi, everyone! Long time no read, huh? You haven’t really seen any articles by me in the recent blog posts, but don’t worry, I’ve been quite a busy bee. You’ve probably seen the new Travel Bunny look, but here’s a shortlist with what I’ve been up to: So that’s about it. I’m sorry I haven’t been that active on the blog, but thanks to our guest bloggers I was still able to provide you with valuable travel content. I still have some guest posts that are scheduled to go out starting Friday, so stay tuned and return for updates soon. …

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nominated for the liebster award the travel bunny blog

The Travel Bunny takes flight: Nominated for the prestigious Liebster Award

A little while ago, The Travel Bunny got nominated for the Liebster Award, as you probably learned from my Facebook page. For those who don’t know about it, the Liebster Award is an online honor awarded to aspiring bloggers to acknowledge and promote their work. I am thrilled to have been nominated for this award since it’s such a wonderful way for bloggers to interact and exchange experiences. I had wanted to be nominated for the Liebster Award for a very long time, and I find it an honor to be part of this community of new and inspiring bloggers. …

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