new travel bunny blog

The new Travel Bunny blog

Hi, everyone! Long time no read, huh? You haven’t really seen any articles by me in the recent blog posts, but don’t worry, I’ve been quite a busy bee. You’ve probably seen the new Travel Bunny look, but here’s a shortlist with what I’ve been up to: I’ve worked on the budget travel pages, where I’ll keep adding travel costs for popular travel destinations from around the world, starting with Europe. It’s a bit of a grind (any gamers here?) to go through it all country by country, but I think the information will prove useful to many budget travelers. …

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nominated for the liebster award the travel bunny blog

The Travel Bunny is nominated for the Liebster Award

A little while ago, The Travel Bunny got nominated for the Liebster Award, as you probably learned from my Facebook page. I had wanted to be nominated for the Liebster Award for a very long time, and I find it an honor to be part of this community of new and inspiring bloggers. Laura, from Undercover Travel Agent, got The Travel Bunny nominated for the Liebster Award. Laura is a travel agent and travel blogger from the Chicago Area.  She fell in love with traveling while studying abroad in college and just couldn’t shake this off. It’s lucky she didn’t, because she’s sharing great travel tips …

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