chiavari anchoring at night in italy

Our first time anchoring at night in Chiavari Italy

As the sun cast a golden glow over Porto di Genoa, our vessel sliced through the waters, carrying us towards an adventure as timeless as the sea itself. We were embarking upon a quest not just for new horizons but for a night’s safe harbor — a quest for anchoring at night where the only lullaby is the gentle lap of waves against the hull. The challenge, as with many nautical tales, was finding that perfect spot. A haven where the anchor grips like a promise and the sea cradles you in its arms, away from the cacophony of civilization. …

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genova italy guide

Sailing into the soul of Genova Italy: a journey beyond the ordinary

As dawn broke over the Ligurian Sea, a gentle rain began to patter against the deck of our sailboat, Puzzle. My husband, Mathieu, with his weathered hands firmly on the helm, steered us away from the quaint shores of Arenzano, our eyes set on the historic allure of Genova Italy. The sea, a vast expanse of undulating waves, seemed to beckon us closer to a city that promised a blend of ancient charm and modern vibrancy. But as any seasoned traveler knows, embarking on a journey to a city like Genova italy, especially in these post-pandemic times, is no small …

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sail visit arenzano italy guide

Arenzano Italy: unveiling the Italian Riviera’s hidden sailing paradise

Imagine a place where the azure waves of the Mediterranean kiss the Italian Riviera, a place that seems to have defied the passage of time and the rush of modern tourists. This is Arenzano Italy – an unspoiled gem nestled within the illustrious Gulf of Genoa, waiting to be discovered by those who dare to set sail on less-charted waters. Here, the promise of adventure merges with the rhythm of the sea, offering a serene escape to the traveler seeking authenticity away from the trodden path. As you navigate through the tranquil waters of the Gulf, every nautical mile brings …

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marina di loano italian riviera

Sailing to Marina di Loano — a coastal Italian adventure

The sun had barely risen, casting a soft golden hue over the horizon, as we embarked on our journey from Cavi and Marina degli Aregai to Marina di Loano. The gentle hum of the boat’s engine as we exited the harbor and the rhythmic lapping of the waves set the tone for what was to be an unforgettable voyage along Italy’s mesmerizing coastline. As we sailed, the coastline unfurled like a beautifully illustrated map, revealing its secrets one by one. The most captivating of these were the quaint towns, each perched precariously on hilltops, their terracotta roofs gleaming in the …

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marina degli aregai imperia italy

Marina degli Aregai: sailing from Menton to Spiaggia Aregai

The sun had barely begun to cast its golden hues over the horizon when our journey commenced from the picturesque town of Menton. Nestled between the azure waters of the Mediterranean and the towering peaks of the Alps, Menton is a coastal gem that also acts as a gateway, a threshold between two worlds — the romantic allure of France and the rustic charm of Italy. As our sailboat gently cut through the calm morning waters, the significance of our departure point wasn’t lost on us. Menton, often dubbed as the Pearl of France, is a prologue to tales of adventure, a …

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