5 family friendly things to do in Los Angeles

Discover the enchanting metropolis of LA, a sprawling urban landscape where perpetual sunshine and a lively ambiance blend harmoniously, providing an idyllic setting for an extraordinary family getaway. If you’re contemplating an excursion to the mesmerizing City of Angels accompanied by your dear ones, prepare to be astounded.

You’ll find an extensive array of engaging things to do in Los Angeles suitable for all ages and tastes, encompassing both world-renowned landmarks and hidden treasures. Whether you crave exhilarating escapades, enlightening encounters, or simply a tranquil respite, this diverse city caters to every desire.

things to do in los angeles descanso gardens
Top things to do in Los Angeles California: Explore Descanso Gardens with the kids

1. Take a walk through Descanso Gardens

If you long for a peaceful retreat away from the bustling urban life, Descanso Gardens presents an idyllic sanctuary where families can revel in tranquility. This botanical oasis, located on the outskirts of Los Angeles, covers an area of 150 acres. It offers an array of captivating visual and auditory delights.

Wandering through the verdant gardens, you’ll find yourself immersed in a tapestry of vibrant blooms, majestic arboreal wonders, and placid ponds, composing a picturesque backdrop that effortlessly entrances individuals of all ages. Descanso Gardens holds a distinct appeal for families due to its exceptional suitability for parents accompanied by infants.

Thanks to cutting-edge advancements in baby stroller technology, such as the innovative lightweight and maneuverable models from companies like Diono, navigating the gardens becomes a seamless endeavor with your little one in tow.

These strollers boast thoughtful design elements that prioritize comfort and convenience, ensuring an effortless and pleasurable expedition for both you and your precious bundle of joy. Prepare your stroller, pack a delightful picnic, and embrace a leisurely day amidst the breathtaking allure of Descanso Gardens, forging timeless memories that will endure for a lifetime.

griffith observatory los angeles things to do
Best things to do in Los Angeles with family: Visit Griffith Observatory

2. Explore the Milky Way from Griffith Park

Embark on an extraordinary odyssey alongside your loved ones within the boundless realm of Griffith Park, where the enigmatic splendors of the cosmos unfurl before your very eyes. Nestled at the core of Los Angeles, this sprawling urban expanse beckons with a myriad of age-defying activities, including an enthralling pilgrimage through the celestial tapestry of the Milky Way.

The Griffith Observatory, gracefully perched upon a hilltop, stands as an ethereal portal to the outer realms, extending an invitation to intrepid explorers to delve into the enigmas of the cosmos.

Step into the hallowed confines of the Samuel Oschin Planetarium and find yourself transcended to far-flung galaxies, as cutting-edge advancements in technology seamlessly envelop you in a mesmerizing spectacle of the celestial plane. Whether you find yourself immersed in the radiance of shimmering stars, imbibing knowledge about the planetary wonders, or awestruck by the sheer vastness of the universe, the Griffith Observatory serves as a conduit for both educational enlightenment and reverential admiration, catering to the holistic experience of the entire family.

Remember to bring along a snug blanket and delectable treats, allowing for a cherished evening beneath the cosmic canopy. Thus, seize this opportunity to gather your cherished companions, cast your gaze skyward, and permit Griffith Park to navigate your journey into the infinite marvels that await within the ethereal embrace of the Milky Way.

3. Experience the Ice Age at La Brea Tar Pits

Transport yourself through the annals of time and behold the awe-inspiring Ice Age era at the La Brea Tar Pits, an extraordinary destination that unveils the secrets of prehistoric Los Angeles. Situated in the epicenter of the city, these remarkable tar pits serve as an actively excavated paleontological site, where ancient fossils have been exquisitely preserved over millennia. You will lose your senses in an immersive experience designed for the entire family.

Marvel at the ongoing excavations and delve into the enthralling narratives of scientific discoveries unfolding within the on-site laboratory. A visit to the Page Museum is an absolute must, housing an impressive collection of Ice Age fossils and boasting interactive exhibits that breathe life into the distant past. Young ones will relish the opportunity to become junior paleontologists, engaging in fossil excavations at the Discovery Center.

The La Brea Tar Pits seamlessly blends the realms of education and adventure, bestowing upon visitors a truly unparalleled encounter that ignites curiosity and fascination for the ancient natural history of our planet. Embark on an indelible expedition, taking a step back in time, and allow the wonders of the Ice Age to unfold before you at the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles.

universal studios hollywood los angeles to do list
Add a visit to Universal Studios Hollywood to your Los Angeles things to do list

4. Visit Universal Studios Hollywood and Disneyland

When it comes to memorable and family-oriented amusement in Los Angeles, there exist two illustrious destinations that reign supreme: Universal Studios Hollywood and Disneyland. These widely acclaimed amusement parks deliver an immersive and enchanting encounter that promises to captivate visitors of all generations.

Within Universal Studios Hollywood, traverse the silver screen’s captivating realm as you venture through the studio backlot, engaging with adored characters from blockbuster films. With a wealth of heart-pounding rides and captivating shows, an abundance of excitement and exhilaration awaits.

Behold the awe-inspiring wizardry of Harry Potter within The Wizarding World of Harry Potter or embark on an adrenaline-pumping expedition alongside the magnificent dinosaurs of Jurassic World. On the other hand, Disneyland, the pioneering Happiest Place on Earth, materializes as a cherished dream for both youngsters and adults alike. Enter a realm brimming with enchantment as you navigate various thematic realms, partake in delightful encounters with beloved Disney characters, and immerse yourself in the timeless allure of classic attractions such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Space Mountain.

Both parks present a diverse range of delectable dining options, captivating parades, and breathtaking fireworks displays, culminating in a comprehensive and fulfilling visit. Assemble your loved ones, embrace the enchantment, and forge indelible memories within the embrace of Universal Studios Hollywood and Disneyland. These exceptional locales serve as conduits where fantasy and adventure seamlessly merge, bringing forth a resplendent tapestry of experiences in the very heart of Los Angeles.

best things to do in los angeles santa monica pier
Best things to do in Los Angeles with family: Go to Santa Monica Pier

5. Enjoy panoramic views of Los Angeles at Santa Monica Pier

To witness the awe-inspiring vistas of the captivating Los Angeles coastline, there exists a haven that remains unparalleled: the Santa Monica Pier. This emblematic edifice, nestled harmoniously along the golden expanse of Santa Monica Beach, unveils a serene setting where boundless family enjoyment intertwines effortlessly with resplendent panoramas.

As you leisurely traverse the pier, the symphony of crashing waves serenades your ears while the invigorating aroma of saline air envelops your senses, weaving together an indelible tapestry of the quintessential Southern California experience. Partake in a captivating ride on the Ferris wheel, ascending to newfound heights that grant you sweeping views of the vast Pacific Ocean and the glistening city skyline. Against the backdrop of vibrant amusement park attractions and vibrant carnival games, seize the opportunity to immortalize cherished family moments through captivating photographs.

Be sure to relish in the delectable delights offered by the array of dining options. Whether it be savoring classic treats like cotton candy and funnel cakes, or indulging in the freshest seafood, sourced from the bountiful depths of the ocean. Whether you opt to recline upon the sandy shores, embark upon a leisurely bicycle sojourn along the idyllic boardwalk, or simply revel in the vivacious atmosphere that permeates the air, the Santa Monica Pier stands as an obligatory destination that caters to the desires of all.

Ready to enjoy the best things to do in Los Angeles with kids?

The City of Angels stands as an exceptional choice for families seeking an all-encompassing getaway, providing an extensive selection of engagements that adeptly accommodate diverse preferences and age ranges. An abundance of excitement and cherished moments await!

Los Angeles seamlessly merges the wonders of nature, heart-pounding attractions, and enriching cultural encounters, guaranteeing that your familial escapade will overflow with unadulterated delight, captivating revelations, and profound unity. Prepare your backpack, wholeheartedly embrace the effervescent allure, and brace yourselves for an indelible expedition through the trove of family-oriented treasures meticulously scattered across the tapestry of the City of Angels.

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