Butterfly Farm Maui Tour


Butterfly Farm Maui Tour. Visit Hawaii’s oldest butterfly farm and the only one that provides butterfly farm private tours. The staff of Monarch Waystation works hard to safeguard the butterflies by propagating them, doing research, and educating the public.

Butterfly Farm Maui Tour Highlights:

  • The only place to see live Hawaiian butterflies
  • Hand-feed butterflies in the flight house
  • Learn how the organic farm tries to save native Hawaiian butterflies.
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The walk-in butterfly flying house is the only place on the islands where you can see live Hawaiian butterflies. Unlike mainland butterfly farms, the Butterfly Farm Maui breeds and hand-raises all of the butterflies. They do not import or buy butterflies from other countries, thus all of the organic farm’s butterflies are native to Hawaii.

Butterfly Farm Maui Tour

Visit the Maui Butterfly Farm and learn about the various types of butterflies raises in Hawaii. In the butterfly flight house, you can hand-feed the butterflies.

Learn how they plan to rescue butterflies by propagating them, doing research, and educating the public.

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Hands-on experience at the only butterfly farm in Hawaii

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Most travelers can participate. Not wheelchair accessible.



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Butterfly Farm Maui Tour
Butterfly Farm Maui Tour