Afternoon Multnomah Falls & Columbia River Gorge Waterfalls Tour


Multnomah Falls & Columbia River Gorge Waterfalls Tour: leave the area for an afternoon of visiting some of Portland’s most scenic slides.

Multnomah Falls & Columbia River Gorge Waterfalls Tour Highlights:

  • Half-day Multnomah Falls and Columbia River Gorge Waterfalls
  • Set out from Portland to explore the greatest concentration of waterfalls in the country
  • Leave the city behind for an afternoon experiencing nature
  • Enjoy ample picture-taking opportunities
  • Learn about local scenery from an expert guide
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Multnomah Falls & Columbia River Gorge Waterfalls Tour.  Take a ride to see the Multnomah Falls as well as other falls along the Columbia River Gorge, home to the highest concentration of waterfalls in the world. Take a lot of images of the cascading waters, or even revel in their glory. You’ll enjoy breathtaking panoramic views from Crown Point Vista Building, while a professional guide fills you and your party with local flora, fauna, and history.

Afternoon Multnomah Falls & Columbia River Gorge Waterfalls Tour

Columbia River Gorge

  • Millions of years ago, after the formation of the Cascade Mountain Range, lava and other pyroclastic matter poured west from what would be the Cascades all the way to the Pacific Ocean, forming a dense layer of basal rock that surrounded western Oregon.
  • Then, during the Pleistocene Ice Age, around 15,000 years ago, the waters of Lake Missoula Flood sculpted the Columbia River Gorge as hundreds of cubic miles of water, ice, rock, and mud flowed from present-day Montana to the Pacific Ocean.
  • Explore the majesty of the canyon walls and rock formations, spectacular waterfalls, and awe-inspiring vistas that make the Columbia River National Scenic Area one of the Seven Wonders of Oregon.
  • Our enthusiastic guides will take you to the most beautiful sites in the Columbia River Gorge while offering a detailed account of this magnificent ecosystem and its revolutionary past during this Afternoon Multnomah Falls & Columbia River Gorge Waterfalls Tour.

Vista House

  • Perched on top of one of the most panoramic views of the Columbia River Gorge, Vista House provides an unrivaled, breathtaking view of the Gorge.
  • Sometimes referred to as the “Crown Jewel of the Columbia River Gorge”, Vista House was built between 1916 and 1918 as a memorial to Oregon’s founders, a scenic view, and a comfort station for those traveling on the newly constructed Historic Columbia River Highway.
  • Crafted with expertly carved sandstone and beautiful marble, then finished with bronze linen and amber-green opalescent glass windows, Vista House and the view it provides are sure to amaze and inspire you during this Afternoon Multnomah Falls & Columbia River Gorge Waterfalls Tour.

Latourell Falls

  • While at Latourell Falls, you should be able to walk down the waterfall path (approximately 1/4 mile) to get up next to the waterfall.
  • This sparkling waterfall plunges 249 feet (76 m) over a huge basalt wall and then flows through the forest into the Columbia River.
  • The falling waters of Latourell are surrounded by some of the most beautiful columnar basalt rocks in the Pacific Northwest, crowned with a large flowering patch of yellow lichens and covered in bright green flora.
  • We’re going to move down to the punch-bowl pool below the waterfall, where you’re going to hear the immense surge of water and experience the cool mist that it produces.

Multnomah Falls

  • You’ll have time to stroll to Benson Bridge and take photos and visit the area around Multnomah Falls during this Afternoon Multnomah Falls & Columbia River Gorge Waterfalls Tour.
  • Featuring underground streams that emerge miles above Larch Mountain, this ancient 620 foot (189 m) waterfall is split into two sections; the upper falls plunge 542 feet into a lake and drops 69 feet again to create a creek that flows into the Columbia River.
  • Multnomah Falls is the second-highest year-round waterfall in the United States and the highest in Oregon, and is Oregon’s number one natural attraction, attracting more than 2.5 million visitors a year from around the world.
  • At the base of the waterfall is the Landmark Multnomah Falls Lodge, a full-service day lodge complete with a kitchen, gift shop, coffee and espresso bar, and interpretive center.
  • While much of the area around Multnomah Falls has recently been destroyed by fire, you will be able to visit the lodge and enjoy the natural beauty of the waterfall.

Horsetail Falls – Columbia River Gorge

  • If time permits, we’ll stop at this waterfall (which really looks like a horse tail!) and you’ll be able to stroll up to it for photos and enjoy the spray on a hot summer day.
  • Named for its iconic shape, Horsetail Falls plunges 176 feet into the “Waterfall Path” of the Ancient Columbia River.

This tour/activity will have a maximum of 20 travelers.

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Columbia River Gorge Waterfalls
Afternoon Multnomah Falls & Columbia River Gorge Waterfalls Tour