Day trip from Tirana to Shkoder


Discover the history and sights of Shkoder, one of the most interesting cities in Albania.

Day trip from Tirana to Shkoder highlights:

  • See Shkoder from above
  • Step back in time on a historical trip
  • Find out more about the amazing Shkoder
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Day trip from Tirana to Shkoder

Discover the history and sights of Shkoder, one of Albania’s most interesting cities.

After a pick-up from your hotel, you will begin your day trip from Tirana to Shkoder. Shkoder is the third-largest city in Albania, situated 95 km north of Tirana.

Known for its heritage, history, and natural beauty, Shkoder offers a richness that is rarely found in any other city in Albania: the streams, ponds, lagoons, and mountains that make Shkodra an incredible destination in Albania.

Constructed on a rocky hill overlooking the city by the rivers Buna and Drini, you can find the most famous landmark of Shkoder: the Rozafa Castle.

After this visit, you will have the chance to explore the Lead Mosque and the Catholic Church and see the varied religious and architectural features.

You’ll also have the chance to walk through the nearby Shkoder bazaar, get a taste of Albanian customs, and maybe buy a souvenir.

Optional: lunch with traditional dishes from the city, including carp fish cooked on a roof tile.
With that, your day trip from Tirana to Shkoder will have finished and we will head back to Albania’s capital.

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Children must be accompanied by an adult. Due to uneven surfaces, this tour is not recommended for those with walking disabilities or using a wheelchair. A current valid passport is required on the day of travel.



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Day trip from Tirana to Shkoder
Day trip from Tirana to Shkoder