Day trip to Saeva Dupka, Devetashka & Prohodna Caves


Day trip to Saeva Dupka, Devetashka, and Prohodna Caves, three of the most well-known and fascinating pearls of Bulgaria.

Day trip to Saeva Dupka, Devetashka, and Prohodna Cave highlights:

  • Devetashka Cave
  • Prohodna Cave
  • Saeva Dupka Cave
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Day trip to Saeva Dupka, Devetashka and Prohodna Caves

After we leave Sofia at around 8:00, we head out to Saeva Dupka Cave. This Bulgarian cave has 400 meters of passages in which we will discover the acoustics of the Harmana gallery, stalactites, stalagmites, and underground pools of water.

Our next stop is Prohodna Cave, one of the most famous caves of Bulgaria. Normally lit through two tremendous openings in the ceiling, it is also called the Eyes of God Cave. An interesting feature of the Prohodna Cave is its 45-meter entrance, the largest cave opening in Bulgaria.

The last stop is at the Devetashka Cave, near Lovech. Measuring 2442 meters in length and 60 meters in height, Devetashka Cave is one of the most incredible caves of Bulgaria.

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Day trip to Saeva Dupka Prohodna
Day trip to Saeva Dupka, Devetashka & Prohodna Caves