2.5h Kayak Tour in Kotor Bay


Get away from the crowds and try this 2.5h Kayak Tour in Kotor Bay. Visit the coast around Kotor’s Old Town, fishing villages, and beaches with your guides, who will also share interesting facts about Kotor with you.

2.5h Kayak Tour in Kotor Bay highlights:

  • See medieval villages in Kotor Bay by kayak
  • Relax and sunbathe on the beach
  • Dive and snorkel in the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea
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2.5h Kayak Tour in Kotor Bay

View the Bay of Kotor from a unique perspective. Get away from the crowds and go on a relaxing kayak tour in Kotor Bay. Visit the coast around Kotor, the surrounding fishing villages, and the beaches on a guided kayak tour. There is no need for practice.

You’ll make a few visits at points of interest along the way on this kayak tour in Kotor Bay. Take a break at the beach on the other side of the bay, where you can dive, snorkel, explore the area, rest, eat or sunbathe. During the 2.5-3 hours of the trip, you will be accompanied by a guide who speaks excellent English and is very familiar with the coastline of the bay.

Learn about the history of the bay and see beautiful traditional architecture in fishing villages along the coast, such as Muo, Prčanj, Stoliv. You see the palaces. Visit the houses built by the sea captains and the wealthy Kotor families. Listen to the tale of the courageous local sailors and how they constructed these beautiful houses under Venetian rule.

This tour will give you the opportunity to enjoy the wonders of Kotor Bay from the sea. Be prepared to take some amazing shots of Kotor Bay, one of the most beautiful bays in the world, and learn a bit about the history of this wonderful part of the Adriatic coast on this Kayak tour in Kotor Bay.

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Top-of-the-line kayak and paddles, Professional tour guide, Large waterproof barrels (for clothes, personal belongings, bags), Life jacket (children and adult sizes), Insurance

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You should bring swimwear, water shoes or flip-flops, and solar protection. Route distance is approximately 6 kilometers but may be changed to best accommodate safety and enjoyment. Please note that this activity is dependent on the weather conditions, and the tour operator reserves the right to alter the route or cancel the tour should the conditions necessitate. 2 person kayaks are provided, individual travelers will be paired up with other individuals but if a pairing cannot be made, the individual without a partner will be assigned to a single kayak. Single kayaks are subject to limited availability and require approval upon request.



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Kayak Tour in Kotor Bay
2.5h Kayak Tour in Kotor Bay