St Augustine Oldest Store Museum Experience


Meet the owner, Mr. C.F. Hamblen, and watch the friendly clerks, butcher, and snake oil salesman demonstrate the very latest inventions for the turn of the century living at the St Augustine Oldest Store Museum Experience.

Oldest Store Museum Experience highlights:

  • Tour the St Augustine Oldest Store Museum Experience
  • Get a sense of everyday life in the early 20th century
  • Browse a collection of over 100,000 historic products
  • Costumed guides make for a convincing historical recreation
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St Augustine Oldest Store Museum Experience

From a goat-powered washing machine to bottles of worm syrup, a guide to St. Augustine’s Oldest Shop Museum gives tourists a snapshot of the daily life of the 20th century in St. Augustine — and some unusual items to boot.

Costumed guides offer an immersive tour of the St Augustine Oldest Store Museum Experience as you search over 100,000 authentic items in the replica of St. Augustine’s original general store.

Local performers and storytellers make this experience of the artifacts and inventions of the turn of the century come to life! By providing history and humor, all of which have become a delightful experience, guests will be captivated to learn more about the turn-of-the-century life of the ancient city.

During the St Augustine Oldest Store Museum Experience, be prepared for an impressive list of items — more than 100,000 in fact!

You can see things like steam-driven tractors, tonics, elixirs, farm equipment, collars and corsets, corn shellers, and more!

Children aged 5 years and younger can visit for free.

Free parking for patrons at The Old Jail (167 San Marco Avenue).

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Oldest Store Museum Experience St Augustine
St Augustine Oldest Store Museum Experience