Puerto Viejo Chocolate Making Class


Puerto Viejo Chocolate Making Class. This is the lesson for you if you’ve ever wanted to create your own chocolate or learn all about the fascinating nuances and procedures involved in producing the world’s favorite dessert. There are chocolate tours all around the world, but this is a really hands-on experience.

Puerto Viejo Chocolate Making Class highlights:

  • Visit cocoa plants and learn about their history, culture, and medicinal applications
  • Learn about fermentation and the mysterious processes that transform a cacao seed into a chocolate bar
  • Manufacture a bar from farm beans, covering every step of the process
  • Take roasted beans and exquisite chocolate home with you.
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Puerto Viejo Chocolate Making Class

You will travel through time in three hours, from the origins of the tree through mythology to the very real and essential role cacao and chocolate had in Mesoamerican societies. You’ll also be creating chocolate, of course.

From tasting the raw fruit to roasting, grinding, and separating the shell from the nibs, you’ll be producing award-winning chocolate like a pro. Before crafting your own chocolate “medicine” to take home, you’ll hear about some of the great medical applications of chocolate. Finally, you’ll temper freshly poured molten chocolate to create your own bar, which you may wrap and enjoy later.

This is a private tour/activity. Only your group will participate.

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Puerto Viejo Chocolate Making Class
Puerto Viejo Chocolate Making Class