Traveling as a couple: 9 signs you’ll be great at it

Did you ever spend such a pleasant time with your partner on a trip that you didn’t want to return to reality? Have you ever dreamed of ending your vacation as soon as possible so as not to kill each other? Let’s analyze the secrets of traveling as a couple successfully!

Traveling as a couple can be a great pleasure: you don’t only visit interesting places but also spend time with your beloved partner you met in person or one of the best online dating sites, get closer, and communicate more on a deeper level.

However, it doesn’t always go well… Anyone who has thought at least once that they no longer want to see a loved one after a two-week trip will understand this feeling.

We decided to figure out why people quarrel on trips, whether everyone should travel together and what would be nice to agree on with a partner beforehand. Below you will find 9 signs that you will be comfortable traveling with your partner.

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essential tips for traveling as a couple
Traveling as a couple can be a great experience

Essential tips for traveling as a couple

1. Find agreement on financial matters

Of course, hardly anyone chooses partners for financial reasons. Moreover, what traveling as a couple will be like is not necessarily related to the level of income: you can love budget trips and stay in hostels, regardless of the sizes of your bank accounts.

At the same time, money can become a serious obstacle on the way to a happy vacation for any couple. It is better to discuss the amount you are willing to spend, the level of comfort you expect, and tips to save money while traveling as a couple. You may find a compromise option that is pleasant enough for both and, at the same time, fits into the budget.

If your partner is not ready for dialogue, is not going to change habits, and completely ignores your financial situation, you may not be in for a great trip (or relationship).

2. Try not to annoy each other

First time traveling as a couple is a special experience because you will have to spend much more time together than in ordinary life (even if you live together). It often turns out to be a pleasant experience: you get to know each other better, relax, and gain memories that last a lifetime.

But it also goes the other way around: you realize that being together longer than a standard couple of hours is unbearable. If you ask yourself, “when to start traveling as a couple?” consider that you will have to be together around the clock.

One way or another, you will have to communicate a lot while traveling – if you cannot calmly do this in everyday life, it is unlikely that something will change thousands of kilometers from home.

3. Cultivate similar eating habits

This part may be closely related to the financial situation of both partners. You can try street food in different countries out of sincere love or in terms of traveling as a couple for cheap.

However, eating habits are of great importance. Suppose one partner dreams to try new, strange, and unusual food, and another wants to eat familiar dishes or follow a diet. In that case, it can become a serious obstacle to a happy traveling the country as a couple.

The excellent choice is to talk in advance about your expectations and decide where to find common things. For example, find local food that is not too extreme or occasionally eat in places with more familiar cuisine.

4. Encourage similar ideas

We are all different, and, logically, we may also want different things on a trip. If someone dreams of a passive beach vacation with a book, and another wants a short trip with a daily museum program, it can be difficult to find something in common.

The only question is how significant these differences are and whether they have crossing points. If you and your partner choose a country with difficulty and constant battles because you are used to completely different vacations, there may be a reason to think your experience of traveling as a couple won’t be perfect.

5. Treat new acquaintances the same

In general, this is a common story. Some seek to get to know all the neighbors on the beach, while some, on the contrary, are comfortable with just one person. In a good scenario, you will probably be able to find an option that suits everyone, such as communicating in a company but taking time for two.

However, if someone’s interests are not taken into account, it can ruin traveling the world as a couple. If your partner insists on going from party to party and you don’t have the energy to interact with strangers at all, it may be worth looking for another travel partner.

6. Discuss everything together

Make sure you express your thoughts and concerns right away and don’t wait until the end of the trip. Trying to stop being angry is unlikely to lead to something good: in addition to the fact that it requires enormous strength, most likely anger will still break out just in the form of passive aggression.

If you or your partner aren’t ready to talk about what’s going on and deal with disputable situations before they turn into a serious fight, traveling as a couple may not be as enjoyable as you would like. According to some quotes about traveling as a couple, it’s better to learn how to express your feelings in words before you ruin things.

7. Be willing to compromise

The ability to find an option that suits both partners has saved more than one vacation. Conversely, if none of you is ready to give in even for small things, there is a great risk that the vacation will be held in disputes and quarrels. You can agree on the main thing (for example, choose a place for a trip that allows you to combine beach holidays and museums), but you still have to agree on the details when you’re traveling as a couple.

Of course, you can always try to split up during long term travel and spend some time alone: ​​while someone goes to vintage shops, the other can, for example, explore the local zoo. While someone meets the dawn, the other can happily sleep until breakfast. But if partners insist on their own itinerary plan and do not allow each other to do what you are interested in, likely, traveling as a couple will not live up to expectations.

8. Learn what ​​personal space means for each of you

We all have different ideas about comfort – while some can easily withstand dozens of new acquaintances per day, others need to spend some time alone in silence. In general, this should not be an obstacle on a trip: if someone wants to go out and have fun, and the other needs a couple of hours for themselves, why not split up?

The main thing is not to pull a partner over to your side; if the person is not comfortable, there is nothing wrong with spending time alone. On the other hand, if you spent your entire vacation in different places, it might be worth considering whether you are interested in traveling as a couple and even building relationships.

9. Don’t blame each other in difficult situations

No matter how carefully you plan your vacation, something may go wrong. The most interesting museum is under reconstruction, someone gets sunburns, or it rains 24 hours a day, and the train is delayed. If this is the first trip you are going on and have not spent much time together before, the chances are good that you have no idea how the other person behaves in a difficult situation. It’s great if your partner stays calm, but it’s worse if they blame you for everything, even though you don’t control the weather or the train schedule. If you have noticed this for your partner, consider whether you need this trip.

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Vacation as a couple, especially the first one, can be a real test and indicator of your relationship. Indeed if you live together, you don’t spend all your time together. Even under quarantine conditions, people work remotely, mind their own business, and spend only about 30% of their time together. Be prepared that a joint trip is a joint time of partners 24/7 unless you initially agreed otherwise. Be patient, analyze, and listen to each other! And do a test run on a day trip.

We wish you great traveling as a couple that helps you strengthen your relationship!

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