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Looking for a way to reduce travel time? Soar the skies in a private aircraft and experience the efficiency, privacy, and flexibility of your own cabin. Forget the long lines, lost luggage, layovers, and leg-cramped seats that often accompany commercial airlines. Traveling by charter plane allows you to take to the air when and wherever you want in supreme luxury and comfort. Private jets are no longer for the elite — more and more business professionals and budget travelers alike are discovering the advantages of stress-free charter travel. This blog post is exactly what you need for smooth traveling by charter plane.

Although a private aircraft at your disposal means convenience at hand, charters tend to get filled quickly. Consider booking your flight well in advance. Similarly, be sure to notify the charter company of your schedule — especially if you’re running late or plan to leave early. The charter will need time to coordinate with the air traffic control tower.

Even though security procedures and baggage checks are minimal compared to flying commercially, it’s still a good idea to have your identification handy. The crew may need to verify your identity before boarding.

One of the perks on board a chartered flight is the amenities — such as free Wi-Fi on board, extravagant dining, high-end sound and entertainment systems, and even satellite TV. Unlike commercial airlines that charge you for every convenience they offer, you can assume that a pillow or water bottle on a charter is free.

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Flying on a charter plane is a great way to take the stress out of your next trip. Here are eight important tips to make sure you have the best possible experience.

Book as early as you can

Charters tend to get snapped up quickly, so make sure you book well in advance. Although it’s more convenient than flying commercially, charter flights aren’t like hailing a taxi.

Ask about luggage limits ahead of time

Even if you have your plane all to yourself, that doesn’t mean you can bring whatever you want. Make sure you know your provider’s restrictions for luggage before planning your trip.

Check which airport you’ll be using

These flights have access to more airports than large carriers. Make sure your destination or departure point is the closest and most convenient one.

Don’t worry about the peanuts

Big airlines have made an art f charging you for all the little conveniences they offer. With charters, you can assume that if there’s a bottle of water or pillow available, you’re free to use it

Notify the provider of your schedule

If you’re running late or hoping to leave early, be sure to alert your charter service as soon as you can. It will need time to coordinate with the airport tower.

Tip your crew

If this is your first time traveling by charter plane, you may not know the etiquette for tipping. It isn’t required, but your pilots and flight crew certainly will appreciate your generosity.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Commercial airlines have a habit of being difficult to talk to when you have questions. However, charter flights are there for your convenience, so don’t worry about asking for an extra service or for more information.

Carry your ID

Even though you can skip through the usual security lines when traveling by charter plane, it’s always a good idea to keep your identification handy. Your charter flight crew may need to verify your identity before takeoff.

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