visit antwerp travel guide

Visit Antwerp: A brief travel guide

When you visit Antwerp, you get to see the second-largest city of Belgium and the second-largest port of Europe, after Rotterdam. The city is a leading commercial center renowned for cutting, trading, and polishing diamonds. And in the last two decades years, Antwerp has been one of the leading fashion design cities in Europe. A little history before you visit Antwerp The name Antwerp has been related to the word aanwerp (alluvial mound) which was a geographical feature in the early settlement period. The early records related to this historic site take us back to the7th century BC. In the …

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things to do in belgium

3 best things to do in Belgium

Although it is smaller than many other countries in Europe, there are many things to do in Belgium for travelers. Getting from one location to another is easy because the cities are close together. Travelers can go to Antwerp to see one of the largest collections of diamonds or Ghent to visit the botanical gardens and castles. Brussels, Belgium’s capital city, is another interesting travel destination to add to your list. And, while in Belgium, you can also go on day trips to London and other capital cities. 1. Visit Belgium’s top attractions Some of the most popular tourist attractions …

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benelux countries travel destinations

Top 3 travel destinations in the Benelux countries

The Benelux economic union is an international union of three overlapping monarchies in Europe. The three Benelux countries are Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg, as you can tell from the union’s name itself (BElgique – NEderland – LUXembourg). Each of the three countries has a unique charm to bring to the mix and the top 3 travel destinations in the Benelux union are their beautiful capital. Brussels, Belgium Brussels is best known for being the headquarters of the European Union and NATO. But there’s a lot more to the city from the Benelux region than just meeting halls and bureaucrats. Brussels …

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