The Perfect Itinerary and Inventory for the Best Motorcycle Trip Across State Lines

A motorcycle trip across American states is nothing less than one of the most defining experiences in anyone’s life. Not only is it worthy of being on your bucket list, but it’s also one of the most exciting adventures you can ever take on.

From snow-covered plains to desert dunes, immerse yourself in the random yet overwhelmingly ecstatic natural phenomena that present themselves in a series of gorgeous transitions. However, this just won’t be a ride through the park.

A journey this long requires careful planning that involves way more than just the direction you’ll take and the rest stops you’ll make.

motorcycle trip across state lines
Motorcycle trip across the USA

Motorcycle trip itinerary

The perfect itinerary for the best adventure trip on your motorcycle should be fun, exciting but most importantly, safe. You can’t just roam around randomly in states and waste time looking for something you don’t know. From your sleep and riding schedule to possible destinations, here’s an overview of how you should go about planning your trip.

Possible destinations in the USA

Think of the places that you and your companion (should you have one) would like to go to. It’s going to be a very challenging iron butt challenge for someone to make the trip alone.

We recommend picking a state like Arkansas to drive through at least if you don’t plan on going there. That’s because Arkansas is filled with some of the most iconic and beautiful riding roads for motorcycles.

Similarly, depending upon your enthusiasm, you can pick off-road trails or nasty twister turns on carpeted roads that present an equal if not a drastically increased risk of danger.

Suffice it to say, America has no shortage of the best motorcycle destinations and trips to make. There are going to be several camping spots for you to take a rest, so pack adequate camping gear in your luggage.

motorcycle trip advice
You should take plenty of breaks during your motorcycle trip in the United States

Eat, sleep & ride

With no more than 8-10 hours of total ride time, span out your sessions in comfortable enough periods that involve taking longer breaks less frequently. Once you have a ride planned out on your GPS, make your personal milestones to make it easier for you to gauge your progress.

You can’t skip a meal or pack a lot to get yourself through for longer periods. The last thing you want to ruin your trip is a gastronomical problem or an upset stomach just twisting and folding as you pass by noteworthy landmarks.

The same principle applies to sleeping. As soon as you feel like your head’s feeling light and your eyelids are feeling heavy, stop the motorcycle. Get off. Walk around a little and stretch out. And as soon as you feel a little active, get yourself to the nearest motel or resort, or a camping destination to lay down and rest.

Regardless of how often you feel it, never continue riding when you feel sleepy or exhausted. It’s one of the most common causes of road accidents because as a motorcyclist on a highway, you’re not just supposed to watch what you’re doing. You need to be aware of what every vehicle in a certain distance around you is doing.

usa motorcycle travel tips
Always take your helmet on your USA motorcycle trip. (And wear it when you ride, of course!)

How to use & save time on your USA motorcycle trip

You’re not going to save time by sacrificing eating and sleeping times during your motorcycle trip.

You can, however, save time by not risking dangerous speeds, unusually long periods of driving, riding in locations that just aren’t supposed to be ridden, and side-adventures or off-road shortcuts that cause injury or damage to your motorcycle. Riding faster than the speed limit will risk getting stopped by the authorities or worse, e.g. a collision that costs you time if not pain and other damages.

You can save time by planning early on and reviewing your plans until the day you set off on your trip.

us motorcycle trip packing
Motorcycle trip advice: get some saddlebags and/or a backpack to have more space for your luggage

Things to pack for your motorcycle trip across state lines

Once you have an understanding of the total time you have, the destinations you’re going for, the schedule you’ll follow, you’ll need to start packing accordingly.

Ideally, take one set of clothing for every two days on the trip and one/two extra sets of clothing depending on the climate you’re expecting. Pack something for the rain in case you encounter it along the way.

First Aid kits are necessary. Tool bags with sufficient tools and a flashlight are useful. Just make sure they don’t keep shaking along the way.

Helmets can be required anywhere, so carry one even if you don’t like it to avoid a ticket and injuries.

Motorcycle trip inventory

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