Top natural places to visit in Cape Town

Cape Town was first built as a supply hub for ships sailing from the Dutch East Indies toward the east. It’s situated in a beautiful area along the coast of South Africa, offering breathtaking views of the harbor and ocean with Table Mountain as a picturesque background.

It’s regarded as one of Africa’s favorite vacation spots due to its breathtaking landscape, pleasant climate, and excellent tourist amenities.

Since there are so many beautiful places to visit in Cape Town, tourists visit at various times and seasons during the year. This has resulted in an increasingly rising number of tourist agencies and hotels.

According to Kucoin research, almost 22% of South African individuals are cryptocurrency investors. This results in about 7.6 million persons between 18 and 60. Therefore, it’s advisable to buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies before your visit as it eases your transaction process.

However, regardless of how you’re paying, there are some places to visit in Cape Town you have to see when you have the opportunity to visit South Africa.

Top must-see natural attractions in Cape Town

The vacationer’s dream, Cape Town, is overflowing with artificial and natural sites. And most of them ought to be included on every itinerary for a genuine Cape experience. Here is a list of the top places to visit in Cape Town:

Muizenberg Beach Cape Town
Places to visit in Cape Town in nature: Muizenberg Beach

Muizenberg Beach

Muizenberg Beach is located in a seaside neighborhood in Cape Town. The little stretch of sandy beach has warmer swimming water than other Cape Beaches, despite its short length. However, the waves that are so well-liked by surfers may be its main draw.

It’s also popularly known as the originating site of surfing in South Africa. This popular water activity may be learned at Muizenberg Beach, where instructors are easily accessible. Late 20th-century neglect caused the region to deteriorate, but it is currently being restored to its former beauty.

castle of good hope cape town places to visit
Best places to visit in Cape Town South Africa: Castle of Good Hope

Castle of Good Hope

The oldest existing colonial structure in South Africa is the pentagonal-shaped Castle of Good Hope. Its construction by the Dutch East India Company began in 1666 to restock provisions for ships. The gate’s design features the coats of arms of various Dutch towns.

Today, it houses the Iziko Museums of Cape Town and the Castle Military Museum. In addition, it’s a military post for the Cape. The William Fehr collection of old artworks and antique furniture is shown in the Iziko Museum. However, the Military Museum chronicles the heritage of the Cape.

Visiting this place should be added to your list of what to do in Cape Town. There are nearly empty beaches and inspirational excursions like the two-day Cape of Good Hope Path. It’s an exceptional place with more than 250 birds and a historic lighthouse with a view of many towering cliffs.

Kirstenbosch National Botanic Gardens cape town
Beautiful places to visit in Cape Town in nature: Kirstenbosch National Botanic Gardens

Kirstenbosch National Botanic Gardens

One of the greatest botanical gardens worldwide and the first to focus on a nation’s native species is Kirstenbosch. It was founded in 1913. Plants from all around southern Africa are found at Kirstenbosch and those from the Cape region. Furthermore, visitors may enjoy some spectacular scenery because Table Mountain serves as the garden’s background.

The route up to the summit of Table Mountain begins in the garden and is great for hikers to enjoy. Of South Africa’s major botanical gardens, Kirstenbosch is regarded as the most well-known.

Cape Point places to visit in Cape Town
Top places to visit in Cape Town: Cape Point

Cape Point

Cape Point, which lies at the extreme tip of the Cape Peninsula, is worth visiting for the breathtaking view. It is approximately less than 65 km from Cape Town and is incredibly gorgeous with tall rocks and breathtaking ocean scenery. About 250 bird species, baboons, and zebras may be seen in Cape Point.

Because of the enormous diversity of plants there, Cape Point is a photographer’s dream. It has a lighthouse perched atop the rocks visitors get to by climbing a rugged trail or taking a funicular.

clifton beach places to visit in cape town
Best places to visit in Cape Town: Clifton Beach

Clifton Beach

The city beaches of Cape Town are among the greatest worldwide, and Clifton beach is the most fashionable of them all. Clifton Beach is located on the west Atlantic coast, about 10 minutes from the city’s heart.

In reality, Clifton is made up of four beaches that are spaced apart by a line of granite rocks. All the beaches feature nearly pure white sand and offer stunning views and sunsets. Unfortunately, although the water appears blue and inviting, it is always cold. Its temperatures often range from 12 to 16 °C, but it’s only tolerable during summer.

Bo-Kaap places to visit in cape town
Instagrammable places to visit in Cape Town: Bo-Kaap


Bo-Kaap, called the Malay Quarter, is a vibrant district close to the city’s center. Its vividly painted and distinctively designed homes and cobblestone walkways offer wonderful photo spots for tourists. Bo-Kaap is a cosmopolitan neighborhood devoted to mosques, Bo-Kaap Museum, and shrines depicting local early Muslims’ daily lives.

The museum has nineteenth-century furnishings discovered in Cape Town residences at that time. According to previous tourists and other available data, walking is the ideal method to see Bo-Kaap.

victoria albert waterfront visit cape town
Popular places to visit in Cape Town: Victoria & Albert Waterfront

Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront is one of South Africa’s most well-liked tourist destinations. This preference is owing to its beautiful sceneries of the Atlantic Ocean, Table Bay, and Table Mountain. The breakwater’s foundation was laid by the British Queen Victoria and her son Alfred in the 1860s, earning the breakwater its name.

The historic waterfront is home to various stores, eateries, and nightlife options. Along with other attractions, the waterfront is home to an aquarium and amphitheater with live performances that are typically free. Furthermore, there are art galleries, a lodge – if you’re looking for where to stay in Cape Town, and a ship museum.

table mountain places to visit in cape town
Natural places to visit in Cape Town: Table Mountain

Table Mountain

Reaching the summit of Table Mountain, located within a national park, is an exhilarating experience. One that provides breathtaking bird’s-eye views over Cape Town and the Atlantic coast to the west and south. Meanwhile, to the north of it is Robben Island.

The mountain top, which rises to 1,086 meters (3,563 feet), is easily accessible by an ingenious cableway. Each Rotair vehicle has spinning flooring that lets users take in 360-degree sights as they ascend.


And there you have it! These attractions are among the top places to visit in Cape Town. So endeavor to have as much fun as possible and take as many beautiful pictures as possible.

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