Best historical and nature places to visit in Mexico

Most people think of Mexico, where they can put their feet up and enjoy the white sandy beaches, luxury resorts, mouthwatering Mexican food, and some great dance and music. However, Mexico has much more to offer than just that and offers something to visitors of all ages. If you love to know more about a destination’s culture and history, you can find plenty of places to visit in Mexico with so much to offer.

In the last few years, Mexico has become one of the top countries that promote ecotourism mainly because of its diversity in landscape and geography. Therefore, you can always look for places that offer a sneak peek into Mexico’s culture, history, and nature.

places to visit in mexico chichen itza
Chichen Itza is one of the most popular places to visit in Mexico

1. Chichen Itza

Located in Yucatan, Chichen Itza is one of the most visited places in Mexico and is on the list of various eco-tours provided by local tourism businesses. This complex of Mayan ruins tells us more about the lives of Mayans in the pre-Colombian era. The El Castillo pyramid grabs all the attention and stands tall in the center of this once-vibrant city.

From the El Castillo pyramid, visitors can find other architectural wonders like the Sacred Cenote, the Great Ball Court, and the Temple of the Warriors.

best places to visit in mexico Sian Kaan
Sian Ka’an is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Mexico

2. Sian Ka’an

If you are in Mexico looking for unique places of nature and history, you can’t miss exploring Sian Ka’an. Officially known as Reserva de la Biosfera Sian Ka’an, this is the largest protected area of Mexico’s Caribbean coast.

Historically, this area was inhabited by the Mayans and was used for trade. In 1986, the Mexican government announced it as a protected biosphere area. A year later, it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

To explore this area, you can hire local guides to help you explore local fishing villages and Mayan ruins and offer kayaking and birdwatching eco-tours.

nature places to visit in mexico monarch butterfly reserve
The Monarch Butterfly Reserve is one of the best nature places to visit in Mexico

3. Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve

Nature enthusiasts can find plenty of places in Mexico to help them explore the local wilderness. However, if you are interested in something unique, you can head to the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve. Locally known as Reserva de Biosfera de la Mariposa, Monarca is a World Heritage Site home to the monarch butterfly’s eastern population.

From October to March, millions of monarch butterflies inhabit a certain biosphere reserve area. You can take various local eco-tours that would allow you to explore the area and learn more about the local fauna and flora and other wild animals in the region.

top places to visit in mexico calakmul
Top places to visit in Mexico: Calakmul

4. Calakmul

Unlike Chichen Itza, Calakmul doesn’t get all the attention it deserves mainly because of its remote location deep in the jungles near the border of Guatemala. With fewer visitors here, you may get the Indiana Jones vibes when you visit the place.

However, if you are interested in Mayan history and culture, it’s a place that must be on your list. Calakmul consists of two main pyramids and is surrounded by Calakmul Biosphere Reserve. The ruins and surrounding biosphere were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002.

uxmal mexico places to visit
Historical places to visit in Mexico: Uxmal

5. Uxmal

If you are interested in Mayan history, Uxmal is one of the places that must be on your list. The best part about visiting Uxmal is understanding the advanced engineering skills of the Mayans to build a city in an area with a dry climate. The excavated buildings are evenly proportionate and decorated with various patterns associated with Chaac, the rain god. At the same time, there is no data on why the Mayans abandoned this city. Still, it attracts many tourists from around the world interested in Mayan culture and architecture.

beautiful places to visit in mexico riviera maya
Beautiful places to visit in Mexico: Riviera Maya

6. The Mayan Riviera

Resorts are always my favorite to visit. So I am going to introduce a fabulous resort in Mexico. The Mayan Riviera is also famous as the Riviera Maya in the south of Cancun. If you stay there, you can enjoy a variety of restaurants, bars, hotels, and other fun places to make memories.

Undoubtfully, Riviera Maya is the best place for couples. Despite it, there are also some entertaining activities for the kids. For instance, it has pools, food, and other child-friendly distractions for young ones.

The Riviera Maya passes from Puerto Morelos to Tulum and covers a huge area. Moreover, it is not far from the town, which is a plus point. People build three resorts to gather the population and show the beauty of this crystal river. Now, it has become famous all around.

best places to visit in mexico city
Explore the best places to visit in Mexico City or Ciudad de México

7. Mexico City’s Historic Center

If you are a history lover and you get a chance to visit Mexico, it is worth visiting the Historic Center of Mexico City (Ciudad de México). It is the country’s capital and is also known as Centro Historico. Well, this place got amazing art galleries and vigorous museums.

The gorgeous highlight of Centro Historico is the volcanic mountains, spreading 5000 meters and presenting beauty. Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl provide stunning scenic views and enhance the city’s natural beauty. Moreover, this city will have many major and famous tourist places. It includes the National Palace, Plaza de la Constitución, Templo Mayor, and the Metropolitan Cathedral.

best places to visit in mexico merida yucatan
Best places to visit in Mexico: Mérida

8. Yucatan’s White City Mérida

Mérida is the capital of the state of Yucatan and a hit for charming old places. It is in the region of Mayan, so people can easily explore Tulum and Chichen Itza. Furthermore, Merida is the coolest place to spend day and night. The resort of Rivieria Mayan is always ready to serve tourists.

Merida was established in 1542 by the Spanish, and it has multiple old buildings that attract historians. It is the second largest historic city after Mexico City. Besides that, the buildings of this city are made of white stones. They special take care of cleanliness to make them tidy. That is why the city got the nickname La Ciudad Blanca which means The White City.

Ready to see the best places to visit in Mexico?

Some places to visit in Mexico are old but still fascinate the people to visit. These are the worth visiting elegant places of Mexico. If life gives you a chance to visit Mexico, it will remain a mark on your memory.

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