Foodie’s guide to the UK: Best restaurants in Liverpool

Liverpool is well known for its fantastic foodie scene, from roasters to pubs and Michelin restaurants. Whether it be breakfast, lunch, dinner, or everything in between, Liverpool has got you sorted. You will be spoilt for choice in this wonderful city!

In this foodies guide to the city, you will find all of the best restaurants in Liverpool, no matter your palette. If you’re visiting the city for the day, have a studio to rent in Liverpool, or live across the water you will be spoilt for choice. Keep reading to discover more.

fine dining restaurants in liverpool
Birthday celebration in one of the best restaurants in Liverpool

Best restaurants in Liverpool for special occasions

Are you planning a birthday celebration, a proposal, or an anniversary? Liverpool is the place to be, with an abundance of restaurants for special occasions.


After jointly winning Masterchef in 2012, Anton Piotrowski opened his refined restaurant, Röski in 2017. Pretty plates are served in a lovely, intimate, posh location on Rodney Street in Liverpool. All of the dishes leave a lasting impression of elegance, and diners can enjoy seasonal tasting menus with the likes of drunken trout, Röskis Gone Carrots, and Orkney Scallops. The tasting menu costs £85.

The Art School Restaurant

Situated in the heart of the Georgian Quarter, The Art School has firmly established itself as a favorite since 2014. With a fantastic reputation for excellent food and service, your taste buds are truly in for a treat. Delve into their extensive list, along with British cheeses and delicious tasting menus.

Panoramic 34

Do you want to see the city from a new perspective? Panoramic 34 allows you to enjoy dinner and drinks from new heights at a sky-high restaurant. If you are looking for a place to go on your next date night or for a birthday celebration then this is the place to be.

Panoramic 34’s incredible location is on the thirty-fourth floor, giving you the best views across the city and docks. It’s a location you won’t want to miss.

This fine dining restaurant in Liverpool offers a unique experience 300 feet above sea level to truly escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Take your pick from a divine menu of lamb, Scottish cod, crème brûlée, and much more.

quick eat in liverpool
You could grab a delicious doughnut as a quick eat in Liverpool

Best for quick eats in Liverpool

If you’re in a rush, have places to be, or don’t fancy having a full sit-down meal, then the city has many quick eats and takeaway options to suit your fancy. Just take a look at some below.

Wild Loaf

Wild Loaf is a stunning independent bakery, serving up the best sweet and savory treats. Grilled cheese, doughnuts, pastries, and much more… what else could you wish for?

Their slow fermented bread loaves are made over a whole 24 hours in little batches and are then delivered fresh to eateries across the city. Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh homemade bread? I certainly do! If you fancy a delicious meal on the go in Liverpool, then this is the place for you.

Yard and Coop

If your go-to quick meal is fried chicken, then you have come to the right place. Yard and Coop is the home of the buttermilk fried chicken, need I say more? With happy hours, bottomless brunch, fried chicken afternoon tea, and coop karaoke, this is more than just your average chicken restaurant.

They also offer student discounts and lunchtime specials, so this is particularly good if you’re on a budget, as most students are.

Looking for the best casual dining restaurants in Liverpool? Try Baltic Market!

Best restaurants for casual dining in Liverpool

Sometimes it’s nice to take it easy and have a chilled afternoon enjoying some great food with a friend. If you fancy a relaxed meal out, then here are some of my favorites:

Baltic Market

Drink, dance, and dine. Baltic Market is a great place for casual dining and the best place to get a party started. It’s the first street food market in Liverpool, offering a huge selection of dishes from local vendors. From halloumi fries to pizza, noodles, and waffles — no matter what your taste buds desire — there will always be something for you here.


Named after tea leaves, this delightful tea shop was established by two friends who wanted to bring high-quality loose-leaf tea in Liverpool. They have certainly reached that goal, and Leaf is a popular option for casual diners and tea lovers. Whether you are popping in for a quick drink and bite to eat, or you just want to chill and sip away the afternoon with a friend, Leaf’s doors are open for you.

Moose Coffee

If you love pancakes and Eggs Benedict, then you will have to visit Moose Coffee. With three — yes three Moose Coffee in Liverpool! — this is another popular option for chilled dining and the perfect option for breakfast or brunch.

This concept came from American breakfast culture. After all, we all know that when it comes to pancakes, America does it best. But at this lovely venue, they are the next best thing. Whether you have a sweet tooth, or savory is more your thing, you will be spoilt for choice with their American and Canadian-styled breakfast options.

best vegetarian restaurants in liverpool
Dinner at Down the Hatch, one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Liverpool

Vegetarian restaurants in Liverpool

Nowadays, there are so many fantastic food options for vegetarians and vegans to enjoy and Liverpool is no exception.

Down the Hatch

If you’re a vegetarian and are fancying something a little naughty, then you’ll have to try Down the Hatch. This is a firm favorite with vegetarians and vegans in the city, serving a menu of classic junk food but with a twist. Classics like hotdogs and burgers are on the menu, but without the meat of course. The menu is 80% vegan, yet even meat eaters have been known to enjoy these tasty treats and junk food with a little less guilt.


Mowgli has been a massive success in Liverpool with two restaurants within the city on Bold Street and Water Street. The curry scene has been taken by storm in the city, offering a range of vegan and vegetarian favorites. The Mowgli chip butty and holy chow are a must-try for any vegan visiting this wonderful Liverpool restaurant.

Now you’ve read through my roundup of just a few of the best restaurants in Liverpool, where will you go the next time you’re feeling peckish?

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