Professions while traveling: earn money on vacation

Almost all jobs require knowledge and skills from individuals, with which they can complete some basic tasks. However, some professions – especially those that require the use of manual labor – are more practical and can certainly be useful outside of working hours, even in times of leisure and travel. In other words, there are professions that you can practice “off service” to facilitate your stay in a travel destination or even to earn an extra income, significantly covering the total cost of your trip. Here’s a short list of the best jobs you can do during your trip.

bartender professions to earn money while traveling
Bartender is one of the most useful professions while traveling


Bars, nightclubs, and expensive restaurants are always looking for experienced bartenders to staff this position. There are no language restrictions once you have the proper knowledge of a highly skilled mixologist – ready to make all those fantastic cocktails and drink combinations. Of course, you can use your skills and knowledge for your own pleasure during your trip, making fantastic drinks for yourself, your family, and your friends. I don’t need to remind you to enjoy your drinks responsibly, do I?

Freelance massage therapist

Professional masseurs are one of those practical professions that do not require the use of any special equipment. On the contrary, individuals use only the skills and knowledge they possess. A profession in great demand, which provides services for relaxation and reduction of stress, muscle pain, and muscle tension. Whether you offer a relaxing massage to your fellow travelers or offer paid services at the hotel where you are staying, you will definitely need this profession during your trip.

Freelance travel photographer

We all have photography in mind as a fairly common hobby, which we all more or less practice with our devices. Of course, many succeed and make a living from this rather creative profession. The art of photography definitely requires the right knowledge and the right techniques to capture artistically all that you see through the photographic lens.

Traveling and immortalizing historical monuments, interesting people, or even rare animals can prove profitable, especially if quality photographic content is produced, which you can sell in various photo magazines and/or through websites.

plumber professions while traveling abroad
Plumber is one of the most useful professions while traveling


The plumber profession is definitely one of the first professions that I think of when it comes to practical skills. A professional plumber’s valuable knowledge can provide solutions to any plumbing problem, whether small or large.

So imagine living in a rented apartment and noticing a leak in the bathroom plumbing pipes; your first reaction would be to solve your own plumbing problem, right? This way, you will provide a solution to the immediate problem that occurs in your area of ​​residence, saving the owner of the house from unnecessary expenses, who will probably reward you for this act.

For the rest of the cases, when a tenant of your house is not engaged in a plumber profession, the company Bollano Plumbers offers effective solutions for each of your plumbing problems.

Musician or street performer

Are you a professional musician who makes a living by playing music? Although a professional industry that is facing a huge crisis, it’s still one of the artistic professions that offer joy and fun, all around the world. Taking your musical instrument with you on your travels, you have the opportunity to share the compositions with other people, choosing a focal point with enough movement so that more and more people enjoy your natural talent in music.

Of course, I don’t strictly refer only to street musicians, as there are also other performers such as dancers, acrobats, and painters who can share their art with the thousands of travelers who pass in front of them every day, contributing a small amount to their ambitious effort.

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