Nayo Almighty Large Backpack


The 32-liter Nayo Almighty Large backpack is ideal for the modern traveler: it’s versatile and can be taken on all sorts of travels. It’s durable, so you can take it for a hike in the mountains. At the same time, it’s elegant, so you can use it when you’re flying for work, too. The size of the Nayo Smart Almighty large backpack makes it perfect as hand luggage when flying most airlines.

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The Nayo Almighty backpack from NayoSmart is available in two sizes: large and small. The Nayo Almighty Large backpack has a volume of 32 liters. It is 51 cm tall, 35 cm wide, and 17 cm deep. In its specially designed compartment, it fits a 17.3-inch laptop. Empty, it weighs 1.5 kilograms.

NayoSmart Almighty is a travel backpack made out of 600d High Tenacity Polyester with waterproof coating. Not only does this backpack material make it resistant to wear and tear throughout the years, but it also makes it the perfect choice no matter what the weather conditions are like during your trip.

The Nayo Almighty large backpack is fitted with 20 pockets. Among them, you will find pouches and compartments for your laptop, tablet, sunglasses, metro card, and valuables (e.g. wallet, important documents). This backpack also has a waterproof temperature preservation pocket to keep the contents of a 0.5-liter bottle hot or cold, depending on your preferences.

Beyond being practical to perfection, the Nayo Almighty large backpack is also very comfortable. The ergonomic harness of this smart functional urban backpack makes it feel good on your back even when you’re packing a laptop.

Nayo Smart is offering two extra bags as a gift with this backpack. One of them is a waterproof wash bag (or additional toiletry bag), which comes with a hook to hang it in the bathroom or right in the shower. The second accessory bag is for keeping your electronic devices and wires tidy inside your Nayo Almighty travel backpack.

Specifications of the Nayo Almighty large backpack

Volume 32 liters
Weight 1.5 kilograms
Dimensions 51L x 17W x 35H centimeters
Material 600d High Tenacity Polyester with waterproof coating
Other features – 180° opening, allowing the backpack to open like a suitcase
– double reversed SBS zippers allow easy top-loading access
– ergonomic harness and chest buckle with a whistle
– strong metal handle to make lifting easy
– sunglasses hanger on your shoulder
– 20 internal and external pockets
– USB wire to charge your mobile device on the go
Shipping Free, worldwide
Delivery time 5 to 15 days
Guarantee 90 days

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Looking for something smaller? Then check out the Nayo Almighty Normal Backpack and get all the benefits of a Nayo Smart Almighty backpack in a slightly smaller version.

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Nayo Smart

Nayo Smart is a creative company focused on developing sleek esthetic travel backpacks. The critical features of Nayo Smart's backpacks are convenience, wide volume, and cool design. As travel addicts, they know travelers' worries, and they take them into account when they make their Nayo Smart backpacks. They're not easy things to market, but they're a nice companion to accompany any backpacker. There's no better bag, and they're doing their hardest to make them suitable for all of your needs.
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nayo almighty large backpack
Nayo Almighty Large Backpack