4 steps to the perfect spring break cruise

Are you a hard-working college student? Are you searching for spring break ideas? If you wish to move far away from popular spring break destinations, you should consider going on a spring break cruise.

When it comes to cruises, most people think they’re just for family vacations or romantic vacations. The truth is, you can take a cruise at just about any point in your life and go anywhere you want no matter your relationship status.

Spring break cruises are enjoyable, entertaining, comfortable, and, in many aspects, cheaper than traveling to a particular destination during your spring break vacation.

1. Choose the best spring break cruise

Getting the best spring break cruise deals involves getting acquainted with the famous cruise lines and the ships they have. In addition to the well-known cruise lines, you are also likely to come across new cruise lines providing fun-filled spring cruises all over the globe.

Find a college party cruise that provides all the party options, shows, and facilities you need. Most cruise ships have a range of restaurants selling everything from exotic food to pizza and burgers. Also, check if the cruise ship has modern-day music concerts with the kind of music you enjoy and what other forms of entertainment they provide. Find out if there are bars, dance halls, casinos, and swimming pools on the cruise for your spring break getaway, too.

Shop around to find the best cruise deals and invite some of your friends to come along. You might even get a discount for ordering multiple tickets. But just remember to compare destinations, onboard activities, entertainment, food, and other features prior to securing a spring break cruise together.

spring break cruiseship
Spring break cruise ship

2. Discover popular spring break cruise destinations

Popular cruise lines such as Carnival Cruise offer many ships to different destinations around the world. The Caribbean Islands are a popular destination for college spring breakers. Other popular spring break destinations offered by cruise companies include South Beach, Honolulu, Panama City, and Cancun. These places have beautiful tropical weather, active nightlife, and incredible beaches.

If you choose to fly from the United States or Canada, European cruises typically last two weeks or longer, so choose one that fits into your independent traveler timeline. But, in the end, no matter what your destination is, being on a cruise ship for the entire trip isn’t that bad either.

3. Turn your spring break cruise into an adventure

Most spring break cruises are aimed at young people looking for an adventure. They can offer activities such as parachuting, scuba diving, rock climbing, and other extreme sports.

Book an adventure cruise for spring break with a few friends who love the same kind of activities. Your spring break cruise can easily turn into a memorable experience with your college buddies!

4. Stay safe during your spring break cruise

A spring break cruise may be a dream come true, but don’t forget about travel safety. Here are some safety tips to follow during your spring break cruise:

  • Travel with some close friends who you can trust and stay together on and off-board.
  • Be careful with whom you associate yourself while you’re on board the ship.
  • Keep your money and valuables secured in a safe if one is available.
  • Bring a detailed map with you when you leave the boat for a land trip. You can also use a maps app that works offline because you can’t count on internet coverage everywhere.
  • Check the legal age of alcohol while on the ship and in the ports of call.
  • Have all the proper documentation and registration if you are heading to another country.
  • Let your family and friends know exactly where you’re headed, what ship you’re on, and how long you’re going to be away.

Follow the 4 insider tips above and you’re going to remember your spring break cruise for the rest of your life!

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