going on vacation alone

7 packing tips for going on vacation alone

Going on vacation alone is fun and exciting! But we all know packing for that trip usually isn’t. Not to worry, in this blog post I’ll teach you 7 packing tips to solo travel like a pro. I promise you will have everything you need and your trip will be a lot more pleasant! 1. See what’s available where you’re going on vacation alone Wherever you’re going, do some research in advance to learn what is available on location as far as shopping goes. Once you are at your destination, you must be able to have access to everything you …

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nayo almighty review

Nayo Almighty review – a smart travel backpack

As promised in yesterday’s post, I’m here to tell you about the new travel backpacks Mathieu and I used on our road trip through Romania, a couple of weeks ago. Below, you will be able to read our detailed Nayo Almighty review, after testing the travel backpacks in multiple situations. Discovering Nayo Smart In June, Mathieu and I went for sailing lessons at the Black Sea, then on a short road trip in Romania’s Dobrogea region, plus the Danube Delta. We chose to travel with backpacks because they offer so much more flexibility than rolling luggage, suitcases or duffel bags. …

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carry on packing list

Essential guide to the ultimate carry-on packing list

There are so many reasons to choose carry-on luggage nowadays, from lower airfares to getting faster to your travel destination, and much more. However, many find it difficult to come up with a carry-on packing list on their own. That is because packing light is actually a skill you normally cultivate over time, through personal experience. However, through this travel guide, I will help you learn how to pack like a pro in no time! This carry-on essentials guide will provide you with a checklist to use every time you travel light. It will also help you get comfortable and …

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