international students travel tips

International students advice: 9 student travel tips

Becoming international students is one of the most valuable opportunities available to college students. Student travel brings together studying in a foreign country and learning about the charm and history of that new land. However, international students must leave the comfort of their own country and fend for themselves abroad. To make that experience easier, here are student travel tips! 1. Have a signed, valid passport, and, if necessary, a visa. Passports are required to enter and/or leave certain countries around the world. As soon as possible, apply for a passport and check the entry requirements for the country (or …

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semester abroad packing tips

Packing for a semester abroad: 5 things to take with you

Fortunate enough to be taking a semester abroad but worried about what to bring along? Here are the top 5 things you should be packing for a semester abroad. Bring them along to make studying abroad more enjoyable and anxiety-free! Quick packing tips for a semester abroad 1. Pack converters and adapters For your semester abroad, you’ll definitely have to pack some electrical appliances such as a laptop, tablet, phone, hairdryer, trimmer, digital camera, etc. Therefore, you’ll need to check if they are equipped for dual voltage (110/220 watts). If they aren’t, you must buy a converter/adapter kit. Please note …

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