backpacking trip to europe

How to prepare for your first backpacking trip to Europe

For the fortunate ones, life is not complete without a backpacking trip to Europe. According to sociologists, this right of passage is assumed to further the cycle of maturation of college students. Some, of course, also suggested that copious amounts of alcohol, heat, and Amsterdam have something to do with it. Irrespective of your intent, you still have to work out what to do to experience student travel to Europe in the best possible way. 1. Search for student travel packages If you’re looking for amazing but convenient student trips to Europe then some of the best travel deals can …

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spring break ideas

10+ inspiring spring break ideas

Spring break is that fun time of the year that’s eagerly awaited by the younger part of the population. Discover my spring break ideas, perfect to rest, and refresh your tired mind! Take advantage of this great opportunity to enjoy a relaxing time away from the monotony of being in classes almost all the time and the routine of everyday life. Spring break ideas for college and university students For college and university students, spring break activities mean only one thing: party time! It’s the best way for spring breakers to let off some steam from strenuous studies and an …

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spring break trips

Getting ready for fabulous spring break trips

Spring break trips! The mere mention of these words conjures up distinct fantasies for all age groups in American history. Spring break is a relaxing time spent away from the daily grind of study and boredom sitting in classrooms all day, and it’s a great way for people of all ages to recharge. It is also a time for college and university students to party like there’s no tomorrow. A short history of spring break trips For college students, at least as far back as the 19th century, spring break trips were a casual time to recover from academic stress. …

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gap year to travel abroad

How to get ready for a gap year to travel abroad

For both students and people with jobs, the idea of taking a gap year to travel is becoming more and more popular. However, the decision to spend a gap year abroad can be difficult to take. For a student, taking a gap year to travel before or after graduation can have a huge positive effect. It can improve morale, increase maturity, and enhance social skills. Furthermore, one can acquire work experience and learn about different cultures, help the environment, and become independent while taking advantage of the opportunities offered by a gap year to travel abroad. For a student or …

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gap year travel ideas

5 amazing gap year travel ideas

The year off, also known as a gap year, is the year spent between high school and university or after university and before getting a job. People usually take a gap year to travel and explore the world. It’s the year you set aside to become an explorer and have fantastic experiences doing something you’ve never tried before. It’s when you break your routine and do something completely different! There are so many gap year travel ideas, from volunteering in a wildlife reserve in Tanzania to learning Spanish and doing kite surfing in Ecuador! And for those on a tight …

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