Tips to spend smarter this travel season

With each year that passes, travelers are likely to spend more on traveling than in the previous one. This travel season, whether you’re planning a weekend escape or a tropical getaway, there are many options to hit the road without breaking the bank.

Here are some ideas that will help you spread your wealth to get the most out of your trip this travel season:

1. Budget before you go

Determine in advance how much the entire trip will cost. Consider everything: meals, lodging, travel accommodation, entertainment, shopping, and other costs, such as access to theme parks and museums. Look for online resources covering travel costs to help determine your holiday expenses. When you know how much your trip would cost this travel season, you can save to your target before packing your bags.

2. Use the bonuses, please

For this travel season, cash in reward points that you’ve won on your credit or debit card all year. First of all, assess your qualifications. Do you have enough points to go to your travel destinations? Have any of your points expired since the last time you checked? When you know the value of your incentives, you can decide how best to use them. If your initial travel dates and preferred destination are not working, consider being flexible with your plans to save on major costs, such as airfares and hotel accommodation.

3. Take charge and do it yourself

Tourism agencies or high-priced guides will easily exhaust your budget. Take charge of your expenses by doing proper research online this travel season. Using free resources, you can put together a personalized tour without spending big bucks. In addition, you will get to see only what you want and are truly interested in.

4. Load up your wallet carefully

Travelers now have more options than ever when it comes to handling travel expenses. In addition to credit and debit cards, many passengers use prepaid cards, which allow them to pay upfront and then use the funds using the card as a debit card. Protections make such accounts better than carrying cash or traveler’s checks with all the ease of a debit card. Packing your wallet with a variety of payment options this travel season would allow you to take advantage of those perks when you need them most.

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5. Travel as an investment

Although going on a road trip or visiting Europe can feel like an escape from reality, the budget stays the same. If you’re dreaming of a special trip, view it as a long-term investment. Set aside funds on a monthly basis so that you can book an ocean view room or stay an extra day. Vacation requires time and money, but it is also an investment in your future or that of your family, with the potential for cultural enrichment, rest, and relaxation.

When you want to go may not be the best season from a financial point of view. High season/peak season travel is always going to be expensive. Keep in mind that you can save money by choosing low season or off season travel. Just make travel plans to avoid the rainy season (or worse: hurricane season!) at your destination.

Finally, wherever you’re going this travel season, don’t let the rising prices keep you from enjoying your dream vacation. With a little more prep and a couple of smart choices, you’re going to pack your bags in no time and have an amazing holiday that won’t break the bank for once.

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