Tirana Sightseeing Walking Tour


Tirana Sightseeing Walking Tour: With limited time, this 2-hour walking tour will help you get your bearings in Tirana, taking in all the highlights of the Albanian capital.

Tirana Sightseeing Walking Tour highlights:

  • A comprehensive introduction to Tirana for first-time visitors
  • Choice of morning or afternoon departures available
  • Local guide: receive recommendations for where to eat, drink, or shop in the city
  • Learn about Tirana’s communist history and modern regeneration
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Tirana Sightseeing Walking Tour. Learn the significance of historic landmarks such as the Skanderbeg’s Monument, the Pyramid, and the National Museum mosaics; learn about Tirana’s communist past as you stroll around the Blloku; and see sights including the Archaeological Museum, the Clock Tower, Ethem Bey Mosque, and the Presidential palace.

Tirana Sightseeing Walking Tour

Begin your journey at Skanderbeg Square (picture stop at Skanderbeg’s Monument), then proceed to the National Museum (the huge mosaic on the front represent the Albanian history developments).

Then there are a few more significant structures to see:

  • Palace of Culture/Opera/National Library
  • Mosque of Ethem Bey
  • The Clock Tower
  • Tirana Castle
  • The Parliament
  • Ura e Tabakeve
  • National Art Gallery
  • Pyramid
  • Palace of Congress
  • Mother Teresa Square
  • Archaeological Museum
  • The presidential palace
  • Ex-Blloku (which used to be the most beautiful and protected zone where the ex-communist leaders’ families lived).
  • The Cold War corner (one Bunker, part of famous Spac Political Prison, and a piece from Berlin Wall)

and more.

Walk back to finish the tour in the center of Tirana.

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Tirana Sightseeing Walking Tour
Tirana Sightseeing Walking Tour