Why you must travel to Czech Republic

If you decide to travel to Czech Republic, you’ll get to see lots of amazing things. The country is home to stunning natural scenery, winding farmlands, towns lost in time, hills adorned with castles, some of the best breweries in the country, a cool atmosphere, and a very lively capital: Prague. Personally, I fell in love with this country and can’t wait to go back. Unfortunately, it’s overlooked by many travelers and this is why I’ve decided to write a short Czech Republic travel guide.

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Quick history before you travel to Czech Republic

The country of Czechoslovakia was established at the end of World War I after the Czechs and Slovaks joined forces after the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The newly formed state existed until 1989, spending the period after the Second World War under Communist rule, behind the so-called Iron Curtain.

The peaceful Velvet Revolution of 1989 saw Czechoslovakia free itself from the Soviet influence. Two years later, the Czechs and Slovaks had to go their own way to see the founding of the Czech Republic (with its capital city, Prague) and Slovakia (capital city, Bratislava). This split is also referred to as the Velvet Divorce.

In 1999, the Czech Republic became a full member of NATO, and in 2004 the country joined the European Union. This preserves the role of the Czech Republic in the very heart of Europe.

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Travel to Czech Republic and uncover beautiful châteaux

Getting your bearings when you travel to Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a landlocked country in the center of Europe. It is a country of varied natural beauty, living legends and traditions, and historical monuments that reflect the rich past.

The country has two parts, Bohemia in the West and Moravia in the East. Gems in Bohemia include the valleys of the rivers Vltava and Labe, with hills and rocky mountains that are ideal for camping and cycling.

Bohemia has a large variety of charming medieval settlements. The historic city of Cesky Krumlov on the banks of the Vltava River is a sublime example. The town boasts a 13th-century castle with Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque design elements.

Moravia is the rural center of the country and is characterized by picturesque fields, forested highlands, and vineyards. Brno is the largest city in South Moravia and the second-largest city in the Czech Republic. It displays the natural and artistic charms of South Moravia and offers a host of theaters, cinemas, and clubs.

If you’ve added Prague to your Czech Republic travel itinerary, the region around the capital is worth a visit. The most notable to explore is the valley of the Vltava River, which has reservoirs and many lovely châteaux.

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Travel to Czech Republic: Kutná Hora

Plan cheap vacations in the Czech Republic

Budget travel to Czech Republic is something most people never think about when they are planning to visit Europe. You have no idea what you’re missing if you’ve never visited the country before!

The Czech Republic is nothing like you would imagine: it’s full of mystery and adventure. It has nice bars, lovely hotels, and plenty of stuff to see and do. The weather is good and the locals are really welcoming. You can easily access the attractions and enjoy some of the nightlife after a day of exploring. In short: Czech Republic travel destinations are perfect!

Plus, if you like to party or just go out in the evenings, you’ll quickly discover that the nightlife of the Czech Republic is unbelievable! You can’t begin to imagine how much fun you ‘re going to have on this adventure, and you’ll want to see a bit of everything that this beautiful country has to offer and make the most of your journey. There’s so much to do, and it’ll keep you occupied for as long as you travel to Czech Republic.

Cheap travel to Czech Republic is easy to plan and attain, so keep this amazing country in mind when you’re visiting Europe. It’s definitely going to be a holiday to remember!

Whether you’re intrigued by stunning natural scenery, ancient cities, or just a delicious Pilsner malt, you need to travel to Czech Republic on your upcoming vacation!

2021 Czech Republic travel advice
Check the travel advisory for international travel restrictions and entry requirements (e.g. PCR test, quarantine). Follow the latest travel advice on Covid 19 from the Czech authorities and reconsider travel until it’s safe from the coronavirus pandemic.

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