6 Tips for planning a trip to the mountains with your family

Family trips are associated with adventures, especially when planning a trip to the mountains. By visiting a hill station with your family, you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. It can prove a gateway to a peaceful and serene place filled with natural habitats. It is also a chance for you to make memories with your family. Amazing, isn’t it? So, if you are planning a family trip to the mountains? Don’t worry; we have got your back. Some useful tips are mentioned below to consider while planning a family trip to the mountains.

Just go through these simple yet important tips, and you will be all set and ready to make your way to the mountains and beyond.

trip to the mountains with kids
Read the advice below to plan the best trip to the mountains with your child

Top tips to plan a better trip to the mountains with the family

1. Make your reservations early

Time is of the essence, and everybody agrees with this statement. If you utilize the time in the right way, you can make fortunes. Consequently, if you are going on a trip with your family, it is pertinent to make timely reservations. It will give you enough time to deal with problems that may arise before you go on your trip to the mountains with the kids. You can also save money by making reservations earlier.

There are many online rental portals providing services to people coming to enjoy the mountains. People can easily make reservations and enjoy the scenic view. For instance, if you want to visit the Great Smoky Mountains, just Google cabin rentals Gatlinburg TN, and you will get plenty of cabin rental options around the National Park. Selecting a place to stay that is nearby to important landmarks is essential. It would save time and protect you from unnecessary travel expenses.

2. Always plan your itinerary

Before heading towards a hill station, you must research and develop a detailed itinerary plan. It should include your day-to-day activities, places to go, local or famous meals to eat, and hotel stays. Make sure you get as much information as you can before leaving. You can start your research with a weather update and check the forecast for your planned trip days. Similarly, use websites and watch travel blogs to collect valuable insights regarding famous spots and landmarks.

You must have sound knowledge of local cuisine to relish the traditional food. If you plan to visit mountains in winter, you can look up service providers that offer winter sports facilities like ice skating, snowboarding, snow skiing, and snow tubing and book them earlier. Similarly, for summers, you can plan your trip to the mountains accordingly. A comprehensive travel plan will help you make the most out of the vacations.

3. Keep your traveling bag well-stocked but not overweight

Start packing a few days before your departure. A trip to the mountains is full of adventurous activities such as hiking, trekking, and mountain climbing. Make sure you prefer comfort over a sassy look and style. Pack warm clothes if you are going in winter and casual wear if you are going in summer. Always pack additional pairs of socks and shoes for vacations. You must also include an indoor slipper in your packing bag.

Make a checklist of essential items such as charger, power bank, toiletries, binoculars, walking stick, gloves, umbrella, hand-carry bag, skin moisturizer, sunblock, lip balm, etc., and take them with you. These items can help you save yourself and your family in case of an emergency. You must keep essential items well stocked with you while traveling but avoid taking extra items that can cause you to lift extra weight during your trip to the mountains with the family.

snacks for a trip to the mountains
Pack delicious snacks for your trip to the mountains with the kids

4. Take food and drinks with you

It is an excellent idea to take packaged edibles with you—for example, chocolates, juices, snacks, wafers, biscuits, etc. You can give favorite snacks to your kids to keep them engaged while traveling. Remember, it’s a fun trip, so let them munch on their favorite snacks along the way. Just observe health and safety limits for kids.

Eatables can also come in handy in emergencies such as a vehicle breakdown or getting stuck in a deserted place where you cannot have food. In such cases, these edible items can save you from hunger. Always remember to take an easy-to-carry thermal water bottle with you to keep yourself hydrated while traveling. You can swipe water with a hot beverage such as hot chocolate in case of cold weather. Go for a lightweight and leak-proof bottle for your trip to the mountains.

5. Keep first aid and medication kit at hand

You must maintain a travel kit with you consisting of necessary medicines and first aid items. It should have medicines for motion sickness, headache, body pain, fever, and cold. Some people have weak immune systems, and they are more prone to seasonal variations and travel consequences. Similarly, you must have a stock of medicines for kids that you can give them in case of colds and infections. Always prepare yourself for any kind of situation.

trip to the mountains with toddler
Give in and take the tablet to help your toddler enjoy their trip to the mountains even more

6. Pack must-have items for toddlers and kids

If you have kids, make sure you include their belongings and must-have items with you. Kids are most excited to go on vacations so they can help you in packing their clothes and shoes. But in the case of toddlers, you have to show extra care and vigilance while packing. You must double-check with their must-haves such as diapers, wipes, milk bottles, feeder, nipple, baby seat, travel stroller, carrier, etc.

You must know that traveling with toddlers and kids is not an easy job. They are at more risk of getting sick due to extreme weather conditions and variations in diet. You must carry enough baby food and other necessary items while traveling. In this way, you can enjoy vacations and spend time with your family in the beautiful mountains.


Your traveling experience depends on your preparations. If you make good preparations and plan for your trip to the mountains, your journey will be the smoothest, most adventurous, and most memorable one; however, on the other hand, if you don’t plan your journey well, it might become a nightmare for you.

You should always prepare yourself to tackle the worse situations, especially when accompanied by your family. Keep adequate cash with you that you can use quickly. Sometimes ATMs are inaccessible due to being located far-off distances and weather conditions such as rain and snow falling. Cash in hand can help you get rid of many problems timely and efficiently during such times.

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