About the travel Bunny Blog

The Travel Bunny is a blog written for sharing thoughts and trip ideas in Romania and abroad. Here, you will find a bit of everything:

  • museums and cultural events
  • places to grab a bite or have a drink
  • great spots to listen to good music and dance
  • lovely bookshops which you shouldn’t miss
  • nice settings to watch the sunset from
  • forgotten streets and passageways

and many more.

This is not just a place to find recommendations or comprehensive travel guides, but also a place for personal stories, about interesting things that happened during my trips, gorgeous spots I’ve come across or lovely people I’ve met along the way.

About the author of The Travel Bunny Blog

My name is Mirela, as you may have seen if you’ve read some of the posts.

I am 29 years old and I have spent all my life so far in Bucharest, Romania.  I work as a Coordinator in an English Teaching Centre, handling English courses, everything digital that has to do with my department, and I also organize our events. And I’m also a volunteer Green Champion.

A person of many interests,  I am quite the curious cat about.. well, everything. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, listening to music, writing, drawing, painting, modelling clay and polymer clay… unless I’m binge-watching something on Netflix.

I love travelling and meeting new people, but I also like being on my own every now and then. If it’s somewhere in the middle of nature, even better. If it’s with my ass on the sand, next to the sea, it’s the best. I think that at the sea, even on your own, with nobody else in sight, one can never feel lonely.

What else? Oh, in 2019 it seems that I’m moving to Paris, with my French boyfriend, so stay tuned to be amused by my struggles until I get to pass for a local.  🙂

I am really eager to help you with advice on travelling to Romania or to any other places I’ve been so far or I’ve researched already for future travels. Therefore, please get in touch with me, if you are in need of recommendations or travel ideas. I’m also available on CouchSurfing.

And please, do send me information and useful tips on becoming French and on what I shouldn’t miss in Paris or France, in general. I could really use your help!

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Happy travels!

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