traveling to bulgaria visiting spain

Traveling to Bulgaria: Like Spain 30 years ago?

Before traveling to Bulgaria last year, I was searching the web for information about the country in general. I came across a line on a website that said Bulgaria is like Spain 30 years ago. When I was in my early teens, I traveled around Europe with my younger brother and my parents every summer. We’d just get off with no definite plans as to where we’d end up and just a vague idea of when we’d return. The latter usually happened when we were down to our last pound note! We didn’t have the luxuries that I or my …

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skiing in austria best ski resorts in the austrian alps

Skiing in Austria: Best ski resorts in the Austrian Alps

The world-famous ski resorts in the Austrian Alps are the ideal travel destination for anyone who enjoys skiing. Fresh alpine slopes, combined with a picture-postcard scenery and a great centuries-old culture, make skiing in Austria amazing. Why you must discover the ski resorts in the Alps The Alps are a majestic and world-famous mountain range divided into the Western and Eastern Alps. A stunning place to spend your next vacation, this mountain range offers stunning views as well as recreation facilities. The taller Western Alps are found in European locations such as Italy, France, and Switzerland. The wider and longer …

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autumn season visit new england

Visit New England in the autumn season

If you’re planning to visit New England, I suggest you do it in the autumn season. Travelers from all over the world come to New England each year to admire the fall foliage. From late August to the month of October, nature changes its colors, and the leaves put on a show to enchant the eye of any photographer. So it comes as no surprise that the autumn season is the busiest one in New England. Let’s start with a few details for those who aren’t sure where is New England. Comprising the states of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, …

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