Three of the best road trips in Europe

If you want to experience some of the best road trips in Europe, then check out our “slow travel” suggestions below. Learn how to fully explore all a destination has to offer – away from the main tourist sites.

Of course, you’ll want to choose your time wisely, as a road trip in the snow can be quite a different experience from the summer road trip experience. The beauty of a road trip is that once you have found affordable car hire you don’t need to cart luggage around with you or plan things out meticulously, as a car offers much more freedom than any other form of travel.

best road trips in europe lake como italy
Lake Como, in Italy

1. The Italian Lakes (Italy)

The Italian Lakes, known as Lake Garda and Lake Como host some of the most beautiful areas in Italy.

What makes this one of the best road trips in Europe?

In particular, driving around the lake and heading toward the Dolomite mountain range can be an incredible experience. Of course, there isn’t quite as much to do as in popular cities like Rome, but this beautiful land’s scenery makes it a great place to drive around.

best road trips in europe porto portugal
Eifel Bridge in Porto, Portugal

2. From Porto to Lisbon (Portugal)

In Portugal, Porto’s coastal route to Lisbon is breathtakingly beautiful; as is the route from Lisbon to Albufeira. If you have time, you could combine the two, as Portugal is the perfect place for slow travel and the entire coastal route is beautiful.

What makes this one of the best road trips in Europe?

The laidback lifestyle is akin to that you might find in Spain, yet there’s a sense of more efficiency and aspiration – it’s not laid back to the point that people are sleepy, it’s laid back to the point that people get on and enjoy life.

The scene on this coastal route here is pretty chilled out, though cities like Lisbon are comparable with Barcelona in terms of their vibrancy and attractions.

best road trips in europe canary islands spain
Along the coastline of the Canary Islands, Spain: One of the best road trips in Europe

3. Canary Islands (Spain)

The Canary Islands are found just off the coast of Morocco. However, they belong to Spain and have a distinctively Spanish feel to them. The people here are very easygoing and friendly, to the point you don’t tend to find speed cameras or traffic wardens. In fact, there aren’t even any yellow lines in most parts of the islands… which reflects the laidback lifestyle on offer.

What makes this one of the best road trips in Europe?

The great thing about the Canary Islands is that they have a brilliant climate throughout the year. Even in winter, you can expect sunny days with temperatures around twenty degrees. And the summers never get too hot as the islands benefit from strong coastal breezes.

When it comes to the most epic drives, consider driving up Mt. Teide, on the island of Tenerife. This ear-popping journey takes you up Spain’s tallest mountain. You drive through clouds to get to the top, and once there, it’s as if you are driving on the moon. It’s perhaps the most enjoyable and beautiful drive in Europe.

That said, on the neighboring island of Lanzarote, you can drive through the impressive lava fields to a remote volcanic beach during one of the best road trips in Europe. Similarly, if you’re more into the surf lifestyle you’ll want to head to Fuerteventura and bask in the chilled-out vibe this island has to offer.

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