surprising places in rome

Surprising places in Rome that will take your breath away

Rome is a city full of unexpected discoveries and hidden beauties at every turn. There are so many sites in the Eternal City that are worth exploring, from secret museums and gardens to breathtaking rooftop vistas and underground ruins. So why stick to the typical tourist route when you can check out some of the less-known sights in the city? This post will expose you to 7 unexpected locations in Rome that will leave you speechless. Your journey to the Italian city will be even more memorable thanks to these undiscovered gems! How did we get here? Well, it was …

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things to do in rome

Best things to do in Rome away from the tourist traps

As we were getting closer to the end of our Rome holiday, we had more time to spare for unplanned things. And we ended up wondering what is there to do in Rome after all the places we had already been to. So on Monday morning, we were back on the subway, heading to Ottaviano once again. When we visited the Vatican, we walked by Museo Leonardo Da Vinci Experience, and I promised Mathieu we’d go back to visit it before we go back home. So come on, let’s jump in and show you what are the other things to …

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rome piazzas

Rome Piazzas: An itinerary to see the city’s animated squares

Rome is a city that is abundant in culture and history, and its lovely piazzas are the ideal expression of this lively ambiance. Each square, from the famous Piazza di Spagna to the quaint Piazza di San Silvestro, has its own special charm and personality. Rome piazzas must be explored, whether you’re a history enthusiast, a culture vulture, or just a traveler hoping to get a feel for the real Rome. Join us as we explore the wonders of Rome’s beautiful squares and learn why they play such a significant role in the city’s rich history. We began our morning …

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rome historical center

Exploring Rome’s historical center: Discovering the treasures of the Eternal City

Although we started the third day of our Rome holiday early, it was less intense than our second day. However, it was every bit as wonderful. After all, we were about to explore some more of Rome’s historical center! The historic center of Rome is also known as the Centro Storico. Ancient history and cultural legacy are abundant in Rome’s historic center. The Colosseum, the Pantheon, and the Trevi Fountain are just a few of the famous sites in Rome that are located in the historical centre of Rome. The old center of Rome offers more than just a collection …

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walking from vatican city to trastevere

Vatican City to Trastevere walk on our second day in Rome

If you thought we covered a lot on the first day, think again! The second day of our Rome holiday was probably the toughest, but also the most amazing. We walked from Vatican City to Trastevere, starting early in the morning, and finishing after nightfall. However, we took plenty of breaks to enjoy Rome’s beautiful views, grab a bite or have a drink. I feel like I have to warn you in advance, though. If you plan to go walking from Vatican City to Trastevere it will take you more than 12 hours to cover everything we’ve done. And while …

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