visit rome in 2 days itinerary

Visit the best of Rome in 2 days (48h itinerary)

You’ve just arrived in Rome and have a few days to kill. How is it possible to observe everything in such a short period of time? This is the ultimate guide to making the most of your adventure holiday in Rome in 2 days. This thorough plan for 48 hours in Rome is ideal for covering: 2 days in Rome, devoted entirely to sightseeing (arrival the evening before, departure the morning after) An evening spent in Rome on the day of your arrival, a full day in the city, and a morning spent exploring before your departure. Here’s a sneak …

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things to do in italy

20 essential things to do in Italy

Sitting around the dinner table one night, after a few bottles of Chianti with some old friends (pre-Rona), most of whom had spent time as European tour guides and backpackers, I asked them to name the best Italy tourist attractions to see & the essential things to do in Italy. There was a lot of noisy conversation in the restaurant as some of them wanted to praise the less obvious stuff above the more mainstream, but there was still a lot of unanimous consensus with others. In no special order, I present to you the top essential things to do …

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delicious coffee around the world

Delicious coffee map for travelers

Delicious coffee has conquered the globe. More than 10 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide every day. Fans of this drink are increasingly interested not in the manufacturer, but in where the beans grew, what the weather was like while they were ripe, and how the coffee was roasted. They observe the ritual of making latte, ristretto, or cappuccino with pinpoint precision as if assembling a complex mechanism for a rover on which the fate of humanity depends. In this article, I am not going to tell you how to make delicious coffee at home or make delicious coffee …

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places to visit in italy

10 most beautiful places to visit in Italy

Italy ranks the highest in every traveler’s bucket list because of the historical places, exotic landscapes, delicious cuisines, awe-inspiring architecture, and what not. So everyone has some places to visit in Italy on their list. Culturally-rich Italy is no less than a tour to witnessing interesting events, sacred sites, and natural beauty. You only have a limited time to see Italy? Still, you shouldn’t skip on the best tourist spots if you’ve thought about staying for a while. I’d suggest you check out these 10 MUST-VISIT cities to have a wonderful travel experience: What are the best places to visit …

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surprising places in rome

Surprising places in Rome that will take your breath away

Rome is a city full of unexpected discoveries and hidden beauties at every turn. There are so many sites in the Eternal City that are worth exploring, from secret museums and gardens to breathtaking rooftop vistas and underground ruins. So why stick to the typical tourist route when you can check out some of the less-known sights in the city? This post will expose you to 7 unexpected locations in Rome that will leave you speechless. Your journey to the Italian city will be even more memorable thanks to these undiscovered gems! How did we get here? Well, it was …

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