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Delicious coffee has conquered the globe. More than 10 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide every day. Fans of this drink are increasingly interested not in the manufacturer, but in where the beans grew, what the weather was like while they were ripe, and how the coffee was roasted.

They observe the ritual of making latte, ristretto, or cappuccino with pinpoint precision as if assembling a complex mechanism for a rover on which the fate of humanity depends.

In this article, I am not going to tell you how to make delicious coffee at home or make delicious coffee cream. There are plenty of recipes for making coffee with different flavors on the blog.

Today we are going on a coffee journey around the world. There are cities on the planet where coffee is treated with special reverence. Here it is cooked not just delicious, but divine.

delicious coffee in melbourne australia
Barista preparing delicious coffee in Melbourne, Australia

What a delicious coffee in Melbourne Australia

Coffee is an essential part of the Melbourne lifestyle. Every year there is an exhibition of coffee – varieties, producers, everything for making a drink.

This is a kind of club of interest. It includes not only major players in the coffee market but also ordinary consumers who are crazy about this drink. In addition, tourists are offered coffee tours to the best establishments in the city, where this aromatic nectar is brewed.

Milk is poured into a cup, it should be about 2/3 of the serving. Then slowly pour in the espresso and add sugar to taste.

delicious coffee in rome italy
When in Rome, do as the Romans & drink some delicious Italian coffee!

Espresso – delicious coffee in Rome, Italy

Roman cafes are fiercely opposed to technological progress. They prefer to brew coffee in the old fashioned way without newfangled devices. Perhaps that is why Italy has the largest number of winners of coffee competitions and contests.

Coffee is not grown in Italy. Grains enter the country from South America, Africa, and Asia. Italians are engaged in roasting and blending. That’s why they have the best espresso beans.

delicious coffee beans roasted
Delicious coffee comes from the best espresso beans

In Italy, varieties are skillfully mixed to make the drink complex and deep. Producers play with roasting, grinding, Arabica and Robusta proportions, combining grains from different countries.

It is customary to drink coffee with milk here only for breakfast.

delicious coffee in singapore
Delicious coffee served in a funny mug in Singapore

What delicious coffee Singapore will offer

Latte art has become iconic in this city. The locals are so obsessed with coffee pictures that they regularly post the contents of their cups on Instagram before drinking. And the barista’s ability to paint on the canvas is an indicator of the popularity of the cafe.

Each food court tastes differently. And this is due to the fact that coffee beans are not roasted “dry”, as is customary in Europe. Here they are fried in a wok with the addition of margarine or corn kernels for flavor. Some local baristas even add orange or pineapple peels for a unique flavor and aroma. In general, there are many cooking secrets, and they each have their own special ones. Next, the grains fried and ground into powder are thrown into a large aluminum coffee pot for brewing, into which such a peculiar filter in the form of a sock is inserted.

Viennese delicious coffee

In 2011, UNESCO listed Vienna’s coffee shops as an intangible heritage of humanity. It is customary to spend time in them thoroughly – several hours, or even the whole day.

This is a meeting place for friends, where they watch TV, read the newspapers, and discuss the latest news over a cup of aromatic coffee, served with apple strudel. Austria even has its own original coffee options, which you will not try anywhere else:

  • Capuchiner (Black coffee with milk in the color of the robes of a Capuchin monk)
  • Chalet Gold (coffee with a fair amount of milk, thanks to which the drink acquires a noble golden color)
  • Maria Theresa (Mocha with orange liqueur).

delicious coffee in london
Searching for delicious coffee in London

Is there delicious coffee in London, UK?

England, and London in particular, is associated with tea. Her Majesty’s subjects tasted coffee in the mid-1990s. At this time there was a boom in the opening of coffee houses, most of them are concentrated in the East End, and they were opened by immigrants from Australia and New Zealand – famous coffee gourmets.

While in London, you should try:

  • Flat white (The basis of this drink is espresso, which is prepared for 15, not 30 seconds, as usual. Steam foamed milk is added to it)
  • Cappuccino.

Icelandic delicious coffee in Reykjavik

All 7 coffee shops in the Icelandic capital are thriving. They are full of guests and the baristas are constantly preparing all kinds of coffee. The descendants of the Vikings are never limited to one cup.

When it gets warm on the northern island, outdoor tables appear in front of the coffee shop windows. The people of Reykjavik bask in the sun while sipping their favorite drink. So they can spend the whole day.

New Zealand delicious coffee in Wellington

Wellington residents claim that it was they, not the Australians, who invented Flat White and taught the Old World to drink this drink.

True Flat White can be tasted only in the land of elves and hobbits. Water, air, milk are special and environmentally friendly.

This means that the coffee is perfect here. These arguments complement the patriotic version.

delicious coffee in seattle
Delicious coffee from Starbucks in Seattle

Is there delicious coffee in Seattle, USA?

The green mermaid that flaunts all Starbucks glasses is from Seattle. Its name was taken from the classic American novel “Moby Dick”, which tells the story of the difficult whaling industry.

Therefore, the first coffee shop, which appeared in the port city in the mid-1970s, was very useful. Coffee was appreciated not only by sailors but by the whole world.

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