10 most beautiful places to visit in Italy

Italy ranks the highest in every traveler’s bucket list because of the historical places, exotic landscapes, delicious cuisines, awe-inspiring architecture, and what not. So everyone has some places to visit in Italy on their list.

Culturally-rich Italy is no less than a tour to witnessing interesting events, sacred sites, and natural beauty.

You only have a limited time to see Italy? Still, you shouldn’t skip on the best tourist spots if you’ve thought about staying for a while. I’d suggest you check out these 10 MUST-VISIT cities to have a wonderful travel experience:

What are the best places to visit in Italy?

venice places to visit in italy
Best places to visit in Italy: Venice

1. Venice

Have you seen the postcard-perfect picture of Venice? This fascinating city is established on a lagoon. Canals run past 118 small islands. At the edge is located Piazza San Marco, the sight that attracts visitors as magnets due to the stunning architecture.

Must-visit places in Venice: Venetian glass blowing and Piazza San Marco.

rome places to visit italy
Best places to visit in Italy: Rome

2. Rome

The Roman Colosseum must have come to your mind, right? Archaeologist, historian, researcher, or simply a curious traveler? Rome is the perfect spot for you! Taste mouthwatering Italian food on the Spanish Steps, unwind in the Borghese gardens, walk on the narrow streets of Trastevere, toss a wishful coin in Trevi Fountain, and buy some souvenirs on Via Veneto.

Must-visit places in Rome: Colosseum, Pantheon, Palatine Hill, Sistine Chappel, Appian Way, Roman Forum, and Michelangelo’s Pieta.

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florence places to visit italy
Florence, one of the best places to visit in Italy

3. Pisa and Florence

The glorious image of the Leaning Tower of Pisa is printed in our mind as it’s in the heart of Tuscany, near Florence. The iconic city is home to the best romantic sites. Not only that, but you can also visit numerous cathedrals and museums in Florence. Enjoy the exquisite wines, witness the sunrise in Piazzale Michelangelo, and relax in the rural luxury spas.

Must-visit places in Tuscany: Chianti, Castello Di Velona, Piazza della Signoria, Villa Mangiacane.

pompeii places to visit italy
Pompeii, a popular place to visit in Italy for history lovers

4. Pompeii

Pompeii is what remains from the destruction caused by the smoking volcano of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD. Witness the well-preserved treasures such as mosaics, sculptures, and frescoes that were coated with lava when it cooled. Excavations of the cities of Pompeii uncovered remains of buildings such as temples, theatres, houses and brothels.

Must-visit places in Pompeii: Villa of the Mysteries, the Forum, and Garden of the Fugitives.

etna sicily places to visit in italy
Best places to visit in Italy: Sicily

5. Sicily

Sicily is a portrayal of dramatic landscapes being surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. Mount Etna, an active volcano, allows travelers to hike and witness the lava burning inside. The largest island of Italy, Sicily offers flowery meadows, coastal scenery, historical sites, and the best Mediterranean seafood.

Must-visit places in Sicily: Mount Etna, Romana del Casale, and Mondello Lido.

naples places to visit in Italy
Best places to visit in Italy: Naples, the birthplace of pizza

6. Naples

Pizza lovers should never skip this—it’s the birthplace of pizza! Treat yourself with delicious-tasting pizza and many other dishes from Italian cuisine. Visit castles and palaces, and witness the ancient architecture around this tourist attraction, Naples.

Must-visit places in or near Naples: The Island of Capri, ruins of Herculaneum, and Mount Vesuvius.

costa smeralda sardinia places to visit italy
Best places to visit in Italy: Sardinia

7. Sardinia

The enchanting Costa Smeralda is encapsulated in Sardinia—the mysterious Italian island. Take a stroll in white-sand beaches, test your strength in hiking or climbing adventures, and come across the historically sacred wells and large tombs.

Must-visit places in Sardinia: Nuraghe and Costa Smeralda.

mosaic ravenna places to visit italy
Best places to visit in Italy: Ravenna

8. Ravenna

With a Byzantine origin, Ravenna is a hub of pristine Byzantine mosaics. Reminiscent of King Theodore the Great, it’s center to seven buildings embellished with finest mosaic arts. UNESCO names it as “one of the most artistically perfect” sites to visit.

Must-visit places in Ravenna: Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, Neonian Baptistery, and San Vitale.

siena tuscany places to visit italy
Siena, one of The Travel Bunny’s favorite places to visit in Italy

9. Siena

The medieval heart of Tuscany, Siena is a central tourist attraction for its Gothic cathedrals, mouth-watering pizzas, and towers. Visit the Wednesday Market to buy souvenirs at a reasonable rate and book budget-friendly hotels here.

Must-visit places in Siena: Piazza del Campo and Siena Cathedral.

milan places to visit italy
Best places to visit in Italy: Milan

10. Milan

Once ruled by Caesar and Napoleon, Milan makes you feel the aura of history surrounding you entirely as you walk through the city. Enjoy the fashion fiesta, shop the best, and embrace the high-end lifestyle. Besides all the shopping, test the splendid local cuisines, art, and culture!

Must-visit places in Milan: Milan Cathedral (Duomo), Castello Sforzesco, and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

The verdict

To be honest, wherever you travel to when you visit Italy, you’ll be left in awe by the immaculate art, architecture, and mosaic. A wide variety of Italian cuisine, cultural events, eye-catching costumes is what you will witness when you travel to Italy.

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