Why Brussels attractions should be on your travel list

Brussels, the headquarters of the European Union, is a city in Belgium with beautiful architecture and one-of-a-kind food and beer. Most people bypass Brussels attractions city on their way to more popular tourist destinations like Amsterdam, but considering Brussels as your tourist destination will surely boggle your mind. Below are some fantastic places in Brussels you can visit.

Top 10 Brussels attractions

Manneken Pis

This bronze statue of a young boy urinating is very famous. In the 15th-century, this sculpture was a water point and has now become a symbol of national heritage, attracting tourists worldwide.

brussels top attractions european parliament
Top Brussels attractions: the European Parliament

The European Parliament

Brussels is considered the capital of Europe because it houses the Parliament. The building is beautiful and is open to tours; just be sure to book early enough to secure your spot. You can visit during a parliamentary session and see members in action or tour when the session is off.

The Atomium

Representing an iron crystal magnified up to 165 billion times, the Atomium in Belgium is an icon and a must-visit spot when in Brussels. It was built in 1958 and comprised a series of spheres. The topmost sphere offers a broad panoramic view of Brussels and its outskirts.

The Grand Place of Brussels

This is the most famous of all attractions in Brussels and it features the museum, guild houses and the town hall. In 1998, this site was named a UNESCO World Heritage site. Local residents use this place for meetups because it is well known and very central.

Getting a beer at Delirium café

This café holds the Guinness world record for its variety of beer types (2000) from across the world. You have a high chance of also finding your local beer from back home.

brussels top attractions
Top Brussels attractions: Mont des Arts

Mont des Arts

Mont des Arts is located between the uptown and downtown of the city. A walk in the garden is the perfect occasion to enjoy great views of the city’s beauties, like the town hall and even the Atomium on a clear-sky day. For an exceptional experience, visit this site at sunset and enjoy a colorful view.

The Royal Palace

Although the king’s residence is in Laeken, this palace is the administrative center where political organizations and state visitors are welcomed. Place des Palais is located at the very heart of Brussels.

The Palace of Justice

The golden dome building is located on a hill, making it quite visible from afar. This is one of the most crucial buildings and national monuments in Belgium; it was designed by architect Joseph Poelaert.

Cartoon walls

Exemplary work of art done by the Belgian Comic Strip Center, these cartoon walls were a cover-up for walls containing commercial ads in the 90s. You are bound to see familiar faces from popular cartoons like Tintin and Smurfs. Go on the Comic Book Walk enjoy all of the art- It’s also perfect for taking fun photos!

brussels top galleries
Best Brussels attractions: Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert

Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert

This place comprises the three magnificent halls, Galerie des Princes, Galerie du Roi, and Galerie de la Reine. Although the items sold are relatively quite expensive, a window-shopping walk just to view the magnificent glass roof and various boutiques and chocolateries will do just fine.

To navigate the city’s magnificent sites, you can board a taxi, rent a bicycle, use public transport or order a ride-sharing Uber.

When to visit Brussels attractions

The best time to visit Brussels attractions conveniently and not compete for space is between March and May and September and October, the so-called off-season. The weather in Brussels is quite shaky, you should carry both warm and light clothes to be prepared.

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