spring break south padre island texas

Spring break South Padre Island

Spend a spring break South Padre Island and discover an amazing travel destination, particularly for college students. While delivering the standard spring break holiday with sand, sun, and fun (the latter being a nod to crazy late-night parties, booze, wet t-shirt contests, and unexpected hook-ups), a spring break South Padre Island offers many other activities to spend the perfect vacation. 1. Fishing on South Padre Island South Padre Island has developed a worldwide reputation among fishermen. Half-day and full-day fishing trips in the Laguna Madre Bay and the Gulf of Mexico go for prices that can fit almost any budget. …

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spring break ideas

10+ inspiring spring break ideas

Spring break is that fun time of the year that’s eagerly awaited by the younger part of the population. Discover my spring break ideas, perfect to rest, and refresh your tired mind! Take advantage of this great opportunity to enjoy a relaxing time away from the monotony of being in classes almost all the time and the routine of everyday life. Spring break ideas for college and university students For college and university students, spring break activities mean only one thing: party time! It’s the best way for spring breakers to let off some steam from strenuous studies and an …

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spring break trips

Getting ready for fabulous spring break trips

Spring break trips! The mere mention of these words conjures up distinct fantasies for all age groups in American history. Spring break is a relaxing time spent away from the daily grind of study and boredom sitting in classrooms all day, and it’s a great way for people of all ages to recharge. It is also a time for college and university students to party like there’s no tomorrow. A short history of spring break trips For college students, at least as far back as the 19th century, spring break trips were a casual time to recover from academic stress. …

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disney world for couples things to do

10 romantic things to do at Disney World for couples

Disney World can make you think of kids and family holidays. However, you should also discover Disney World for couples, which is a truly romantic experience! Actually, more than 2,500 couples choose to have their weddings at Disney World every year, while others make it a honeymoon destination. Some of them even come back year after year to mark their anniversaries and keep the romance alive. Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that at no extra cost to you, The Travel Bunny will earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. …

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vacation in cuba

Vacation in Cuba: the perfect Valentine’s Day getaway

Cities like Venice, Paris, Seville or Prague have a reputation for making being some of the best romantic destinations in the world. However, as love and romance have a lot to do with the unexpected, maybe you should try an unconventional destination this year. I’m speaking of a vacation in Cuba, the largest island of the Caribbean! Its picturesque beaches, idyllic architecture, and cozy restaurants turn Cuba into a memorable retreat, certain to keep the flames of passion alive or spark them up again. A Valentine’s break or a regular vacation to Cuba with your loved one is something special …

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romantic getaways in mexico

5 amazing romantic getaways in Mexico

Searching for couples’ holiday destinations to spend some time with your loved one? Did you consider romantic getaways in Mexico until now? It’s a country with many amazing places to spark up the romance during your vacation for two. And whether you want to spend time together on the beach or visit historic sites, these romantic getaways in Mexico have everything to offer to a loving couple! 1. Los Cabos The first among the romantic getaways in Mexico for me is a trip to Los Cabos! It has several activities you can do together during the day and you can …

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jamaica for couples

Jamaica for couples: Is it the best choice for you?

Are you and your romantic partner looking to take a trip together? If you still have to choose where to fly, take a few minutes to look at Jamaica for couples. A well-known holiday destination, Jamaica is particularly interesting for those looking for romance. As nice as it is to hear that Jamaica for couples is amazing, you may still be wondering if Jamaica is right for you. There is a number of important questions that you might want to ask yourself in order to determine that. A few of them are covered below and may help you decide whether …

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